Best Physiotherapy For Low Back Pain

Why low Back Ache Treatment fails !!!

On visiting your Medical practitioner for back pain he /she is likely to prescribe pain medication. This may reduce inflammation/pain for a short period.

If you have a compressed nerve, these drugs often hide the problem and many pain killers can additionally cause stomach pain, bloating, vomiting sensations and other side effects.    People also resort to traditional ways of treating back pain like various massages with oil, take herbs, other practices …..

Bad posture, repeated work, excessive load to spine, lack of physical activities will make your pain worse.

Can physiotherapist reduce your pain?

YES ….

Various stretches, Posture, Exercising regularly, Manipulation and Mobilization can reduce your pain and will provide relief. A subacute/chronic stage can lead to severe dysfunction or complete loss of movements on both lower limbs (paraesthesia – tingling or pricking sensation, shooting pain, numbness, Paraparesis, paraplegia, cauda equina …). However, this stage  can also be treated by physiotherapy but requires more  investigations and we need to work as a team (Spine rehabilitation)

What is the treatment for Low Back Ache?

Physiotherapy For Low Back Pain…There are various exercise programs to strengthen your trunk muscles (flexors, extensors and accessory group of muscles)

Relaxation/meditation, postural awareness in sitting, standing, lying down, other activities such as sports, dance, lifting, carrying, pulling, pushing ….

At home, you can find a way to relieve your pain

  • Stretching and strengthening all your muscles can reduce your pain and speed up your recovery
  • Sciatica is caused by compressed nerve root , disc bulge and spinal stenosis
  • Keep your body fit , relaxed by doing meditation etc…and add more walking in your daily activities. This  makes you flexible and healthy.
  • If you are dehydrated , have an imbalanced diet intake, have poor eating habits , lack of sunlight exposure, vitamin C / D deficiency, and have a habit of consuming more sugar content , these can also contribute to body inflammation and increased pain.
  • Find a physiotherapist near you or you can reach us for further information and get relief from low back ache within 7 days.

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