If you work in a unit that has Newborns. It’s your responsibility to keep your newborn safe.

As the parents holds new bundle of joy after arrival of Newborn in the family. We need to keep up the parents in comfortable way. Our hospital has taken many steps & precautions to ensure parents are comfort by having safe environment for Newborn.

New Directives in Baby Safety- SAFE ARM CARD

When the baby is born, identification bracelets with UHID will be placed on the baby’s ankles. Nurses will be identifying correct babies by verifying UHID on the bracelets. Mothers are educated about safe arm cards which are attached with Bassinet for having trustworthy environment. When the baby is taken out of parents, for instance like bathing, blood sample collection…etc. Parents know the staff Nurses name by checking in the Safe Arm Card as well as in ID Card.

We encouraged the family members to see identification of anyone who comes to look at the baby or take the baby to the Nursery. If at any time a parent feels uncomfortable with someone who’s in the room, she should press the call bell to inform about the event.

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