Dying British man brought back to life at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital!


Simon Powell, a 63-year-old British citizen, was brought back to life after suffering severe decompression while diving in Maldives at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi.  As his condition had progressively deteriorated,  he was required advanced medical facilities and was airlifted from Male’ Maldives to the Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals. It was while holidaying at a private resort with his wife,

Simon  had experienced breathing difficulty. A resident doctor who attended him suggested that he needed a hyperbaric chamber immediately and he was rushed to a nearby island and for eight hours placed in the hyperbaric chamber. Although there was quite an improvement in his condition, it had later deteriorated, with his kidney failing and the movement of the arms and legs had also stopped.  Doctors attending to him felt he required to be in intensive care urgently and the nearest hospital with this facility was in Male, so he was rushed there by a boat around midnight.

Although at the Male hospital, the doctors had to struggle to keep his condition stable, his condition kept deteriorating. It is then that the doctors recommended that Simon be shifted to an advanced institution with world-class medical facilities. East-West rescue, which runs air ambulance services was able to coordinate with Simon’s insurance company doctors. And as per their recommendation, he was shifted to Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, well equipped to handle cases which are of delicate nature such as this.

After a four-hour flight, Simon was in the hands of experienced doctors of Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals’ Delhi. As per  Dr Tarun Sahni, Senior Consultant, Internal & Hyperbaric Medicine, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, revealed, “When Simon arrived, though conscious, he was mildly disoriented. He received immediate recompression therapy. His brain MRI indicated some embolic areas in the brain, attributed to Decompression Sickness. Having treated him as he pulled through, he truly seems a miracle man, thanks to his tremendous strength and positivity, which allowed him to emerge from such a traumatic event. Slowly, his cognitive functions and recall of the incident have improved. Mild parenthesia in both lower limbs has decreased and his gait has steadily improved. Simon’s survival story is an excellent example of a miracle.”

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