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A healthy heart demands a healthy lifestyle. Making your life sedentary is a forward step you are putting towards your contribution to cardiovascular diseases. The recent studies suggest that lack of physical activities can increase the risk of heart disease by 50%. Staying fit and active reduces the chances of pushing your heart towards severe problems and keeps your heart safe and protected. Physical activities that include walking, swimming and aerobic has proven to improve heart health. Besides, it also helps in weight loss and maintaining proper blood pressure levels.

Every year nearly 17.3 million people die globally due to heart diseases. Exercise is one way to fight against this statistic, but it’s important to do so under care.

However, in few instances exercises can increase the chances of heart problems, in particularly to those who earlier had cardiovascular disease and who don’t follow the physical activities suggested by their physician at the time of discharge. Here are the facts that underlines the signs of heart problems during exercises.

Why should precautions be taken?

There is a very old saying “Prevention is better than cure,” which means it’s better to take prevention rather than finding a cure for it because not all problems have a cure.

Though exercise is safe for most of the people and also vital for maintaining good health, precautions should be taken, especially if:

● Your doctor has informed you that you are prone to heart diseases.

● You have recently experienced any heart problem that includes minor heart attack or cardiac arrest.

In spite of these precautions, it can be difficult for your physician to predict the possible health issues that you may encounter while exercising. It’s you who know your body better than a doctor. So to be safe, one should be familiar with the symptoms that can, later on, cause complications if left unnoticed. Being aware of warning signs of heart problems could be life-saving.

Signs that indicate your heart is in the red-zone:

The signs and symptoms of heart problem differ from person to person. Here are some common symptoms that are experienced by people during exercise and if you are encountering any of them, then immediately seek medical help.

● Chest pain:

It’s the most common sign of heart danger. During a chest pain one feels mild to severe discomfort, uncomfortable pressure, squeezing or fullness in the chest. Some people express their pain comparing it to an elephant sitting on their chest. The pain can be subtle and may come and go, so it can be difficult to tell what’s wrong. In case you encounter such feeling for more than a few minutes then immediately stop exercising and consult a doctor for medical attention.

● Early exhaustion with shortened breath:

A lot of things can make you lose your balance or make you faint for a moment. Feeling fatigued or winded, along with unusual breathlessness with chest discomfort during exercise that causes dizziness or lightheadedness is an unhealthy sign and is often a precursor to a heart attack. Take this warning sign seriously and stop exercising right away.

● Vigorous Sweating:

Sweating is good during exercising. But breaking out in a cold sweat for no reason could signal a heart attack.

● Abnormal heartbeats:

The feeling of your heartbeat skipping, palpitating, or thumping could indicate a heart problem. Seek medical attention if you observe any unusual heart rhythms during your workout.

 What to do ?

When it comes to dealing with a heart problem, time plays a critical role because every second counts. Don’t go with wait-and-see method. Seek immediate medical help if you are experiencing any of the warning signs mentioned above. Remember your heart is the most delicate organ and needs intensive care, apart from keeping it healthy, also keep it safe.   

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