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Have you experienced the jerk in your knee while getting up from your chair in the office or did you find it difficult to bend down and pick up things from the floor? There are many such little pains here and there in the joints across the body that gives sometimes mild and other times severe pain. For elders, the conditions are every grave because of their long sitting positions and less activity. Even the young generation is becoming a victim of joints pains due to long sitting hours in the office and less physical activity. There are a number of other contributing factors too, the understanding of which can make us aware and avoid such troubling physical inabilities.

Joint Pains due to Long Sitting Hours – A Kind of Psoriatic Arthritis

One of the common conditions that people experience due to sitting for long hours is Psoriatic Arthritis.  This may cause stiffness and pain in your joints. In the initial stage, it can be controlled with a little exercising, yoga, hot pads, ice packs etc, however, if is pain is persistent, never attempt to reduce the pain yourself, as it may lead to other consequences. It is recommended to consult your doctor for its proper diagnosis and treatment.

There are multiple diagnostic approaches available to establish the main cause of such knee pain and give appropriate treatment. By addressing the exact cause and initiating the right treatment, the severance of the diseases can be reduced or stopped.

Causes of Joint Pain after sitting Long Hours

Here are some of the major causes of joint pain after sitting for long hours:

  • ● This condition may be caused due to damage in the joint due to arthritis. Arthritis is further categorized into Osteoarthritis, caused due to wear and tear to joints, which is very common with aging factors, and Rheumatoid arthritis, which is caused due to dysfunction of the immune system resulting in damages to joints.
  • ● Osteomyelitis, which is an infection in the bone causing joint pain after sitting for long hours. This may result in septic arthritis which refers to the infection of joint space.
  • ● Other conditions like tears, tendons, rupture of cartilage and ligaments can also cause knee pain
  • ● Gout, a disorder in which the crystals are built up in the knee and joints can cause joint pain.
  • ● Tumors in bone joints is a severe condition that can also result in joint pains

Know the Risk Factors of Joint Pain Caused Dye to Long Sitting Hours

There are many risk factors involved in causing joint pains. Some of the common factors include:

  • ● Increase in age
  • ● Smoking / alcohol
  • ● Family history
  • ● Improper diet
  • ● Too much of physical strain and others

The joint pains are commonly caused in hip joint, neck, knees, wrist and other parts of the body. When not treated at the initial stage, they may eventually worsen. However, there are some recommendations with combined with good sitting posture can help you improve the symptoms.

Tips to Manage Your Joint Pain Due to Sitting long

Understanding the condition is very important before you try to find out a remedy. If you are serious about dealing with this condition without heavy medications, then try to bring a little life style  change and good habits. Here are a few tips;

  • ● Change your sitting posture at least once in 30 minutes
  • ● Try to go for a small walk in between your work hours to relax your legs, hip, neck and shoulder
  • ● Try to stretch your body doing some physical exercise that may relax your entire body
  • ● Remember, stiffness is one of the main problems causing such joint pain, therefore you may need to follow flexibility improvement tips.

Final Note:

To verdict, giving complete details about your medical history to your Orthopedic doctor is very important for proper diagnosis of your condition. This will help to derive appropriate medications and treatment procedure. Moreover, taking treatment at right time can eliminate the need for surgeries too while preventing the severity.  Try to practice yoga daily and other simple exercises to relax your bones and muscles and keep you healthy.


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