Kidney Pain and Back Pain

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Every disease or illness is characterized with certain symptoms, knowing the signs and symptoms helps us identify and treat the illness effectively. But, what if the symptoms of two different illness appear to be undistinguished, overlapped and create a confusion. One such illness that is often misinterpreted is the lower back pain and the kidney pain. Many of us fail to figure out the difference when we experience pain particularly when it’s either kidney or lower back pain.Let’s explore the exact differences between the symptoms, triggers, and characteristics of these conditions to spot out the difference more accurately.

It is signified as back pain when you experience vacillating pain anywhere in the lower back or buttocks whereas kidney pain also occur in the back but, the pain is specifically more constant and sharp between the hips or flanks and the ribs. The location of Back pain varies and extend up to the neck and upper back, on the other hand kidney pain is pin point. Back pain may also spread or radiate to other parts of the body, like the back of the thigh, buttock, calf, or foot. Diving down to Kidney pain, it may spread to the lower abdomen and inner thigh.

The other parameters that differentiate the Back pain and Kidney pain include:

Parameters Back Pain Kidney Pain
  • ● Sciatica
    • ● Backbone fractures (vertebral body fracture)
    • ● Fracture of pedicle
    • ● Fracture of lamina
    • ● Disc bulge
    • ● Disc herniation
    • ● Spinal stenosis
  • ● Osteoporosis
  • ● Metastatic vertebral cancer
  • ● Paravertebral muscle spasm
  • ● Kidney stones
    • ● Kidney infection (pyelonephritis)
    • ● Glomerulonephritis
  • ● Kidney cancer
  • ● Renal infarction
    • ● Fever
    • ● Swelling on the back
    • ● Persistent back pain
    • ● Pain traveling down the legs
    • ● Pain reaching the knees
    • ● A recent injury to the back
  • ● Urinary incontinence
  • ● Difficulty urinating
  • ● Fecal incontinence
  • ● Numbness around the genitals
  • ● Numbness around the anus
  • ● Numbness around the buttock
    • ● Fever
    • ● Blood in the urine
    • ● Nausea
    • ● Vomiting
    • ● Dizziness
  • ● Constipation or diarrhea
  • ● Rash
  • ● Fatigue
  • ● Chills
  • ● Cloudy or dark urine
  • ● Burning urination
  • ● Body swelling (edema)
Triggers Prolonged sitting, lying, standing (sciatic pain) Drinking large amount of fluids (in ureteropelvic junction [UPJ] obstruction)

Usually not triggered by movements

Pain Management
  • ● Physical therapy Massage therapy
  • ● Heat therapy
  • ● Cold compression therapy
  • ● Electrotherapy
  • ● Acupressure
  • ● Antibiotics and medications ( If it’s an infection)
  • ● Laser surgery or a minimally invasive surgery (If it’s due to kidney stone, where medication doesn’t work)

No matter what may be the cause or how minimal the severity of the pain is. It is advisable to
consult a doctor for signs or symptoms of back pain or kidney pain to figure out the root cause and to avoid further complications.

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