Standards and Safety for International Patients at Apollo Hospitals


The availability of quality treatment at par with developed countries at an affordable cost attracts patients across the world to India. Medical services in India are one of the lowest cost and high quality among all medical tourism destinations in the world. Increasing number of foreign patients to India each year underlines the supreme treatment available in India which costs about one-tenth of that in the United States.

The Indian Government also contributes to cost effective medical service in the country by relaxing visa restrictions for people seeking medical treatment and regulating the cost of treatment which ensures affordability for all.

English is an official language in India and is widely used by medical professionals in the country. Also, Apollo hospitals have language translators to make non-English speaking patients comfortable during the treatment period. This removes language barriers for patients travelling from foreign countries and makes it easy to communicate with doctors.

Apollo Hospitals for International patients

The International Patients Department at Apollo Hospitals is always ready to assist patients in planning and preparing their travel itinerary to the hospital. We are committed to ensuring that our foreign patients are provided with international quality treatment and also make sure they are comfortable throughout their stay with us. Patients can approach our International Patients Department for any assistance or queries regarding their stay in India and travel back home.

International patients seeking Indian medical facilities can go through our website to know about Apollo Hospitals and our specialized departments for specific diagnosis and treatments. All information about our services, technologies, competencies, medical team, specialities, hospitals and doctors are furnished in detail. Our representatives are available at any hour to provide additional information about Apollo Hospitals and services.

Apollo Hospitals in India

International patients can choose from any of the 64 hospitals located across the country for treatment in Apollo Hospitals according to their travel plan. Patients can also prefer to get consulted with a doctor of their choice and plan the trip. To make it easy to decide which Apollo Hospital to be selected, we have a facility to find the doctor through our website.

Specialties of Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals is one of the most renowned multi-specialty hospitals in India equipped with excellent medical facilities using sophisticated technologies. We have always taken care to maintain the quality and standards of medical services provided to our patients. Our medical team has leading specialists with immense knowledge and experience in their subjects. Our doctors are dedicated to bringing excellent results to patients using experience, knowledge, technology and responsibility.

We have facilities and arrangements that make our patients from foreign countries feel at home and care that only someone special can offer. What we expect to provide our patients from abroad is complete recovery and return to normal life at the earliest. That’s how Apollo Hospitals work and keeps up the goodwill of medical service excellence.

Apollo Hospitals Quality Policies

The Apollo Standards of Clinical Care (TASCC) is set to ensure that quality treatment is provided to patients across all Apollo Hospitals. It provides information about patient safety, adverse event reporting, review, standardized policies, etc.Some of the key initiatives of TASCC are:

● Apollo Clinical Excellence (ACE 25) which is a scorecard to evaluate the functional efficiency of the hospital.

● Apollo Quality Program (AQP) to ensure patient safety during clinical handovers, surgical safety, medication safety and the six International Patient Safety Goals of JCI.

● Apollo Incident Reporting System (AIRS) to track all incidents that pose a safety risk to patients families, visitors and staff, including sentinel events.

● Apollo Mortality Review (AMR) to peer review all mortality cases at Apollo to identify any preventable deaths.

  • ● Apollo Critical Policies, Plans and Procedures (ACPPP) are a group of standardized clinical and non-clinical processes that help Apollo provide desired clinical care to patients under all circumstances.

In addition, Apollo Hospitals hosts the annual International Congress on Patient Safety in association with ISQUA, JCI and NABH. The conferences are extremely well attended by healthcare professionals from over 24 countries. The Asian Patients Safety Awards 2014, aimed to recognise the best healthcare practices are also presented.

As a forerunner in medical tourism, Apollo hospitals attract patients from different parts of the world, including Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Apollo hospitals have credits of trust among 50 million patients from over 140 countries. It is always striving to enhance its facilities and infrastructure to offer international patients, a world-class healthcare system that emphasises on safety and excellence.


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