In past few years, medical tourism has gained immense popularity. The reason people choose to travel for medical intervention is to receive the best medical care with excellent outcomes which are often missing in their own country. A recent study also supports the fact by quoting “the number of individuals who visit India, for treatment has increased by 23 to 25 per cent per annum”. One of the reasons for people visiting India is also due to the amalgam of world class healthcare services with latest technology at a very cost effective rates, along with an opportunity to visit exotic locales.

Since flying to a new country, especially for medical treatment can be daunting and strenuous task, here are a few valuable tips to choose medical tourism facility in India

● Travelling that extra Mile

Travelling to another country for medical treatment can be a stressful ordeal, and Apollo Hospitals understands that very well. One can contact Apollo Hospitals International Representatives for advice before planning their trip. Our best doctors are also available to provide online consultation to help and support International patients. At the airport too,  arrangements are made for a pickup service along with the hotel stay arrangements.

● Find cost effective travelling options

The cost of your trip is always a major factor to be considered before you plan a trip because nearly 80 percent of people consider cost as a major driver for their medical travel. Apollo Hospitals help patients find cost effective travelling options from any part of the world. Our international representatives are always ready to assist you with a plan which is tailored to your needs.

● Your stay in India

The cost of accommodation is always related to the cost of living of the country you visit. One of the most attractive things in medical tourism in India is that accommodation is much cheaper than other countries. If you plan to stay near any of the Apollo hospitals during the treatment and after that, the International patients services can help you make the hotel and room arrangements during your stay.
Considering the facilities in a hospital

The quality of the services in a  hospital is the most important factor you should consider after you have chosen the country for your treatment. Some countries offer low-cost treatment but the facilities provided may not be as expected. Luckily, hospitals in India are at par with international standards in quality and advancements in facilities provided.

● Doctor’s Qualifications

Before preferring a particular foreign doctor or physician, one should first consider the doctor’s credentials. Apollo Hospitals has over 7,000 best doctors working in over 56 different specialities to cater to patient needs. To book an appointment log on to

● International standards 

Hospitals which are International and national accredited offer world class medical care as they have to follow norms to obtain accreditation. Apollo Hospital has been accredited by both international and national accreditation such as Joint Commission International (JCI), USA  and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals to assures the best practices in a safe environment.

● Overcoming the language barrier

Visiting a new country may not be convenient for all. Language is a primary concern while visiting a foreign country. The doctors at Apollo hospitals are well conversant in English, and they have a team of translators at their International patients department who communicate with patients in their colloquial language.

● Insurance and Liability

A major consideration when choosing a medical tourism destination is the question of responsibility and liability. Despite the huge savings that medical tourism provides, an increased risk may still be apparent. Apollo Hospitals coordinate with various International Insurance providers to hold your responsibility. For more details, please contact our International Patient Services Desk/Admission Counter or an Apollo Hospitals’ International Representative today. If the health insurance is not available to you, take comfort in the fact we offer affordable treatment packages.

As a forerunner in medical tourism, Apollo hospitals not only attracts westerners, but also patients from different parts of the world, including Asia, Africa and the Middle East come here for treating ailments of heart, cancer, liver and other organ transplants, HIV and other life-threatening infections. Since its inception, Apollo hospitals has to its credit the trust of 50 million patients from over 140 countries. It is constantly striving to enhance its facilities and infrastructure to offer international patients, a world-class healthcare system that emphasizes on safety and excellence.


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