Guidelines for Medical Tourism in India


Mushrooming of quality healthcare services in India makes it the most preferred medical tourism destination for people all over the world. We at Apollo Hospitals truly understand that there may be circumstances where you need to cross your country borders to safeguard your health. We also know that travelling abroad can be a physically and emotionally-draining experience, and to assist you, in advance, with all your travel medical care needs, our International Patients Department is ready to address your concerns.

Here are few guidelines for every traveller needs to follow in order to avoid any kind of uncertainties while on medical tourism.

  1. Plan your trip: A friendly representative from our International Patients Department can assist you in designing a travel itinerary to, and from, to any of the convenient Apollo hospital locations.
    ● Preparing travel documents- Please bring these with you:Health/medical history reports from your providers back home.
    ● Passports and visas. For more information, contact one of our International Travel Desk locations.
    ● Local currency, traveler’s checks, credit and/or debit cards.
    ● A valid driver’s license or other form of personal identification.
  2. Health insurance Apollo Hospitals coordinate with a number of International Insurance providers. For more details, please contact our International Patient Services Desk/Admission Counter. If health insurance is not available to you, take comfort in the fact we offer affordable treatment packages.
  3. Airport Kiosks To further reduce your travel concerns, Apollo Hospitals operate information desks welcoming foreign travelers, located within most airports in India. One of the friendly and knowledgeable Apollo medical services International Representatives stationed at one of our airport kiosks will be glad to assist you upon arrival, and guide you gently through your health care travel process.
  4. Translators To cheerfully-accommodate the language needs of foreign patients requiring medical services in India, Apollo Hospitals provides Translation Services.

Apollo Hospitals in India: Quality Healthcare for Foreign Patients

At Apollo Hospitals, our mantra is: “Tender Loving Care”, and we cheerfully welcome international travelers. It is our goal to make all foreign patients feel at home and comfortable, to make your health care experience in India a pleasant one. To your added advantage Apollo Hospitals are also accredited by both international and national accreditations such as Joint Commission International (JCI), USA and National Accreditation Board for Hospitals to assures the best practices in a safe environment.

But, the key is planning ahead, and Apollo Hospitals can assist you to ensure that all documents, insurance questions, language needs, health care concerns, and even the trip planning itinerary are well organised. For more information on Apollo Hospitals’ world class international patient services, please visit our website at:


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