Affordable and high quality cancer care for international patients


cancer headIndia is witnessing a surge in international patients seeking Indian health care service because of its specialized and cost effective health care options. Relaxed visa policy for medical tourism also plays a vital role in making India the best choice for medical tourism. We have patients coming from more than 120 countries such as USA, UK, UAE, Afghanistan, Srilanka, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nepal and Mexico for surgeries and other medical treatments every year. India attracts patients not only from medically advanced countries where treatment is expensive but also from less advanced countries to seek quality and affordable treatment.

Apollo Hospitals – A place where your wish for healing cancer is fulfilled.

Affordable Cancer Care: Affordable cancer care is one of the common reasons behind the visits of thousands of foreign patients to India. There are advanced options for cancer treatment available in India which includes immunotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical removal of cancer, chemotherapy, proton therapy and associated organs and bone marrow therapy. Hormone therapy is also practised in certain cases.

Hospitals in India are fully equipped with latest technologies and the cost of cancer treatment is about one tenth of the cost in developed countries like the United States, UK, the UAE and Singapore.

Why choose Apollo Hospitals for cancer care?

Research and Technology: Apollo Group of Hospitals has consistently transcended and maintained leadership in medical innovations, world-class health care services and cutting-edge technology. Our hospitals are constantly ranked amongst the best hospitals around the world for advanced medical services and research.

93% of successful treatment: The Oncology Department in Apollo Hospitals has cancer patients from around 120 countries visiting each year and we are proud to say that we are able to achieve over 93% of successful cancer treatment so far.

Collaborative approach for treatment: There are more than 200 types of known cancers like skin cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, etc. The treatment for cancer requires a combination of methods like radiation therapy, surgical treatment, medical management, etc. Apollo Hospitals uses a collaborative and personalized approach to treat cancer, which is based on a patient’s individual genetic makeup. Therapies are matched to pinpoint and target the specific genetic abnormalities, mutations of the tumor, while sparing the normal cells.

The Oncology Department of Apollo Hospitals has achieved a key milestone of accomplishing Ammonia Myocardial Perfusion Studies in India and the first to offer PET/CT with Onsite Cyclotron.

Technology in Apollo Hospitals for Cancer care

Apollo Hospitals is the first hospital group to introduce Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery in India.

Cancer treatment options:

  • ● The Dual Tracer Scans
  • ● Biological Therapy
  • ● Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy
  • ● Chemotherapy
  • ● Hormonal Therapy
  • ● Immunotherapy
  • ● Targeted Therapy
  • ● Brachytherapy
  • ● Proton Therapy

And also other leveraging on cutting-edge medical technology, which includes:

  • ● Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans
  • ● CyberKnife
  • ● Novalis radiosurgery platforms.

Apollo Hospitals has 9 hospitals in India exclusively dedicated to cancer care with over 125 surgical and radiation cancer specialists.

In addition to the trailblazing technologies, in our recent cancer conclave. Apollo Hospitals has introduced the new innovations in cancer care that are equally beneficial to both patients and the doctors. Newer techniques like Robotic Surgery, Tomotherapy and Proton therapy, Liquid Biopsy, Pharmacogenomic Profiling, Genetic Tests in disease & screening, Immunotherapy, etc, were presented by globally acclaimed cancer experts as a part of the cancer conclave.

Apollo Hospitals for cancer patients from abroad

Cancer patients from outside India can browse our website to find a doctor and get an online consultation before planning their trip to India. Our International representatives are available for assistance around the clock. International patients just have to submit their enquiries and our team is always ready to assist & furnish all necessary details regarding travel, accommodation, treatment facilities, etc.

Apollo Hospitals also provide International Translators to overcome communication barrier with the doctors.. We make our patients and their attenders comfortable in their own zone and this is one of the reasons we are able to provide optimum care to our international patients. Apollo Hospitals is always bound to fight cancer with you and for you.


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