Cancer Care Trends to Look for in 2017

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Everyone in our life would have come across at least one person either directly or indirectly related suffering with cancer syndromes. The moment people hear the word cancer, something that strikes their mind is loss of life. It causes the nightmare to the entire family and friends. But unlike the gone days, the technology and inventions are trending in cancer treatment, which has made millions of people around the globe to relax and breathe.

Transforming cancer into the manageable chronic disease has now become possible with the trends revolutionizing in 2017. Treating cancer has always been seen from different perspective, unlike other diseases. Year-by-year many new trends emerge for how to treat the condition or how cancer is seen. This evolving trend involves right from focusing on a specific research to identifying causes of incidents to prevent or cure cancer.

Cancer Care Trend in 2017

Cancer specialists come up with many new diagnostic strategies and care approaches to improve cancer care, which they also strive to make it cost-effective. Although new innovations are expensive and may affect an array of group including payers, providers, researchers and ultimately the patients with high treatment costs, appropriate analysis and implementation of new cancer care management can help promoting the new trend available to all patients.

Something good to say about the trending cancer care management in 2017 is that the new therapeutic strategies and diagnosis is improving while reducing the complexities in treating chronic condition. To say, the clinical innovation has certainly progressed from 12 common non-melanoma cancers to recognizing 145 distinct cancers. This progress states that cancer is no longer a grave threat, whereas majority of patients are gaining hope to live longer and healthier.

Trending Research for Cancer

Research categorizes cancer by types and its occurrence related with mortality rates, which the scientists strive to correlate, detect and prevent, especially with a targeted group of population. To specify, research states that rate of colorectal cancer is high among African-Americans. Besides, the research also reveals that obesity has a vital role in some type of cancers. Oncologist researches more on understanding how demographics and genetics work on managing and improving cancer care. There is no doubt that better technology has caused less discomfort in the treatment. It has also given clearer data and details. This progress has certainly slowed the cancer occurrences and lowered mortality rate of many types of cancer.

Combining Targeted Therapies

The most important trend of cancer to look in 2017 is to reduce the overall death rate from cancer. Some researchers have found combining a set of targeted therapies with immunotherapy to be successful and the biggest trend in treating cancer in 2017.

Key highlights:

● This therapy uses the immune system of the body to fight cancer cells

● It blocks biochemical pathways or the mutant proteins, which cancer cells require to survive. This pathway will halt the growth of tumor

● Immunotherapy combined with targeted therapies can control the disease over long-term

● Patients who find immunotherapy successful, then the treatment is highly promising

● However, further research defines that reprogramming epigenetics of tumor can bring better outcomes in many patients

Traditional Therapies

There is no doubt that traditional therapy has proven to be extremely impactful. This approach has been in practice for thousands of years, which is effective and given better results to many patients.

2017 Trends Shaping Cancer Care Management

● Here are the remarkable trends shaping cancer care management:

● Cancer is no longer a life threat, as the mortality rate has fallen by 22% since 1990. The number of cancer survivors is continuously increasing

● The accelerating pace of innovations in cancer therapeutics and diagnostics has enabled the researchers to refine the risk factors

● Genetic research points out immunotherapies with personalized medicines

● Many worldwide cancer institutes have pulled the public attention with cost-effective cancer care management

● Improved screening and early detection of cancer has enabled immediate treatment and reduction in growth of tumor.

In addition to the above-said progress in cancer care trend, the increasing number of cancer hospitals and availability of quality treatment at reduced cost have further paved a successful way to cure and prevention of cancer in 2017.


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