Easy and Effective Remedies for Stomach Problems, Bloating and Gastric pain

Stomach upsets

Today we find people suffering from many types of diseases among which stomach problems are becoming very common. Anyone you see will have some types of stomach problem and you are not an exemption too. There can be many reasons for a person to suffer from problems like stomach upsets, bloating, gastric pain and others, however, the main cause is said to be your changing lifestyle, eating habit, sleeping disorders and work environment. The fact cannot be denied that today everyone shows more interest to eat tinned, preserved and fast foods, which are the major cause of stomach problems. Unnoticed stomach problems may even lead to ulcers over the day. Therefore, it becomes important to Consult your doctor when you get to notice that your stomach has started causing regular problems.

 Gastroenterology focuses on the disorders and problems of digestive system. It deals diagnosing and treating diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract, which includes organs from mouth to anus. The gastroenterologists treat all types of stomach problems such as inflammatory bowel diseases, stomach upset, blogging, gastric pain and other problems.                       

Stomach problems – Stomach Upsets, Bloating and Gastric Pain

The stomach and digestive problems can be of short or sometimes long duration and they indicate that there is some disorder and requires immediate attention.  Such stomach upsets and disorders can affect the regular activities of a person. There are various types of cures available to treat such disorders; however, eliminating the root cause is very important.

Stomach Bloating

Bloating causes a feel of discomfort and fullness in the abdominal region. It may also be experienced by swelling, mild distension or tightness of stomach. Moreover, bloating can be accompanied by excess of gas in the stomach, which can be embarrassing. If this disorder gets chronic, then you may need to consider immediate change in diet, lifestyle and take medications.

In most cases, bloating is also accompanied by belching pain, shortness of breath, pain, lower back pain and diarrhea.

Causes of Bloating:

There can be various reasons causing bloating and to point a few:

● Intestinal gas

● Constipation

● Anorexia

● Anxiety

● Water retention

● Peptic ulcers

● Trapped air

● Indigestion

● Premenstrual syndrome

● Irritable bowel syndrome

● Menopause

● Overeating and

● Smoking

However, if you experience severance in stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and acidity with heartburn, then rush to doctor immediately. Moreover, some people may also find bloody stool and sudden weight loss. Such conditions should be immediately noticed for medical treatment.

The best way to get relieved from bloating is to pass gas and bowel movement. But if you could not do these, then you can try some simple, but effective home remedies such as:

● Ginger tea with lemon (avoid milk)

● Peppermint tea

● Drink lot of water

● Boost good bacteria level with probiotic drink

You can also try certain yoga positions to encourage free bowel movement and relieve from gastric pain. Avoid taking dairy products. Take more water-rich fruits and vegetables like cucumber, berries, melon, fennel, celery and cooked leafy greens.  

Stomach Upset

There are many natural remedies available to cure stomach upset, which may cause symptoms like nauseous, constipation, gas and indigestion. Some of the simple remedies for stomach upset are:

● Rice tea

● Apple cider vinegar

● Follow CRAP diet

● Caraway seeds

● Fennel

Gastric Pain

Gas formation in the stomach is being the cause of many major discomforts and other problems including chest contractions and head pain. Gastritis makes a person feel uncomfortable and prevents from doing the activities normally. There are number of reasons causing excess gas in the stomach, such as not chewing food thoroughly, excessive drinking, eating more spicy food, too much of stress and much more. Bacterial infection can also gas gastritis.  There are many home remedies available to treat gastric pain, which includes;

● Cinnamon

● Ginger

● Apple cider vinegar

● Buttermilk

● Baking soda and lemon juice

● Garlic

Regardless of the type of stomach problem you have, following proper diet and having enough sleep can help reducing such conditions. Proper eating habit and lifestyle can prevent severance of stomach problems.



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