Winter skin damage for all age groups


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Hello, Winter!

Here comes the most pleasing and soothing weather that everyone looks forward after being troubled from hot burning summer!

But, one common problem that all age group people experience badly is the skin damage. Do you agree with this fact? Although the season is cold and lovable, you may also need to think about certain measures to handle the upcoming skin problems due to over chillness in the atmosphere. If you really want to look beautiful with healthy skin, then finding the right solution is imperative. It is now time to go an extra mile to keep your skin protected from dryness and itch and pay enough attention.

As a measure to help you become aware of protecting your skin from worst consequences of winter, you should understand its causes and the remedies.

Why skin becomes dry in winter?

When the weather turns frightful outside, it creates an impact on your skin too. The main reason for the dry winter skin is the lack of moisture in the skin, which as a result tightens the skin cells and weakens the protective barrier.

Regardless of the age groups, everyone gets a rosy glow on the cheeks. At the same time, we also experience a sort of uncomfortable dryness in the skin on face, hands, and feet. For some people, this condition may worsen with extreme dry feeling, causing cracks, eczema, and flak.

Some of the common symptoms you can notice as a result of winter skin damage are:

● Dry skin

● Flaky in appearance

● Uneven and grey skin

If you find your skin worsening, then try to consult your doctor for quick remedy and prevent serious skin and health impacts.

Tips to Prevent Winter Skin Damage

There are ample ways which you can follow to prevent skin damage, especially during winter.

One of the most common and popular remedies people follow to treat skin damage in winter is moisturized. It is obvious that during winter, skin loses moisture at a faster rate, which leads to weakening of the top protective layers. To feel comfortable, you can apply moisturizing lotion, which will also help to keep the skin healthy. To get better results apply moisturizer soon after you take a shower and before bed.

You can consult your dermatologist if your skin is sensitive for the recommendation of a safe to use and quality moisturizer.

Here follow additional skin care methods:

Exfoliate: Next, to moisturizing your skin, you can try the exfoliating method, which can remove dead skin cells from the surface and help your skin to look less flaky and dry. However, it is recommended to use exfoliator formulated with fruit acids, which contains more antioxidants.

Hydrate: Daily hydration is very important the moment winter begun. Try to drink more water you can. You can also take more fruits and vegetables as a measure of hydration. The best way to start with is to drink lukewarm water with few drops of fresh lemon juice in the morning. This lemon water can gain you Vitamin C, which is essential for skin health.

Avoid hot shower: It is obvious that hot shower on freezing winter days will make you feel comfort, but not for your skin. Perhaps, it is good you can take a lukewarm shower to avoid irritation and maintain moisture on your skin.

Olive oil: Rich in antioxidants, olive oil works as an excellent moisturizer and skin protector. It is also rich in Vitamin A and E, which helps in neutralizing the oxidizing effect that causes damage to skin collagen and wrinkles while help in good blood circulation in the dermis.

You can also use oils like almond oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil as an alternative to olive oil. Before you apply the oil, try to slightly warm up to get a better result and prevent winter skin damage.

In addition to the above-said skin care methods, you can also use castor oil, aloe vera gel and other natural products for better results. It is, however, recommended to consult your dermatologist to use safe skin care product, especially, to prevent winter damages.

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