What Does High Blood Pressure Has To Do With Heart Disease

          blog1At 7 in the morning, you wake up with your same lazy attitude thinking it’s just another day of your life, which doesn’t really matter to you. Then you have a high calorie and less healthy breakfast which you assume would help survive the day. It’s true; it will help you survive the day, but your life? Then you take a cab for your nearby office; you might have saved time, but a proper exercise would have helped in proper working of your systems, thereby keeping your blood pressure in check. Then as the work pressure increases, you gulp down gallons of coffee. The caffeine increases the adrenaline in your blood, which shoots up your blood pressure. Then finally with super heavy dinner, you go to sleep. That’s how your weekdays are, as far as weekends are concerned, you hope that your liver stays strong. That’s how your and our life goes, instead of living life to the fullest, we all are trying to survive each day at a time. Gradually inviting high blood pressure to be a part of our lives.

Correlation between blood pressure and heart disease.

High blood pressure also affects the working of your heart. As we know the heart, blood, blood cells, blood vessels, etc. are all dependent on each other. It brings us to a conclusion that high blood pressure affects the heart in a negative way. If you are suffering from high blood pressure issues, your heart needs to put up an extra effort to pump blood to all part of your body. This extra effort makes your heart thicker and stiffer, which adversely affect your health. This extra effort at times leads to a condition where your heart is not pumping blood because of which irregular fluid increase in your body, resulting in a heart failure. High blood pressure could also result in ischemic heart disease and atherosclerosis.

How blood pressure leads to hypertensive heart failure?

We don’t realize that what adverse affects our lifestyle has on our body. By the time we realize this fact, we are too late. Blood pressure is something that is tough to be kept in control. High blood pressure is a state where your blood cells exert pressure on you blood vessels, causing them to burst which might result in death. There are various reasons for high blood pressure like cholesterol and working in high stressful conditions. The heart is made of strong cardiac muscles, yet it’s important not to let it wear down. High blood pressure leads to heart failure which does not mean that heart stops working. It’s just that rate of blood pumping gets weaker. This leads to a condition where blood doesn’t reach its chambers effectively. It increases pressure on the heart and could not deliver oxygen adequately. Hypertension attacks are common in today’s generation, and they are quite unpredictable too. Going by the old saying precaution is better than cure, it’s high time you look into your lifestyle.

How to keep blood pressure in check?

There is an old saying, “if you want to cut a huge tree, weaken its root.” Same thing goes here, keep your blood pressure in check. In the beginning, you can see what your life is; it’s good, but you can make it much better.


  • –Turn towards a low calorie yet heavy diet for breakfast; a fresh juice would rejuvenate you.


  • –Take a walk towards your office, it would be a good exercise and would keep your heart rate optimum.


  • –Instead of coffee, hear music to release stress; it’s safe and healthy too.


  • –Have a light healthy dinner. The night is the time when your body rests, so it’s better that you should give your digestive system some rest too.


  • –Late night parties could be fun, but surely not good for health. Proper rest is required for proper functioning of your heart.

That is it; you just increased your life for another week. Always remember you need to make small sacrifices to gain big things. Here it is the sacrifice of your taste buds and lazy behavior.


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