blog-image1125xWHO (World Health Organization) inspirational theme “power your life” relates to World Heart Day on 29 September 2016. The number one killer disease in the world is heart disease. According to WHO, nearly 17.5 million lives are lost annually due to heart disorders.

It is expected to rise to 23 million by 2030. In low and middle income countries, viz., Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil, Bulgaria etc., Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is most common and nearly 80% of deaths are caused due to CVD. Disability rate is high with CVD and nearly 151,377 million are disabled. Out of these, 62,587 million have lost their lives due to coronary heart disease. Nearly 46,591 have lost because of cerebrovascular disease.

As many questions crop your mind and you may ask “how can I keep my heart healthy?” Working as a centrifugal force, the health of your heart is relies on your diet, exercise, sleep and mental health. Your daily habits also leave a major impact on your heart. You will find very good answers down below in this article, all about keeping a nourishing heart.

Know your Heart


Human heart is at the center-stage of life. Resting to the size of a fist, heart normal beat is between 60 to 100 times a minute. According to Henry Gray’s anatomy, heart among men weighs between 280-400 grams and 230-280 grams in women.

The primary crux of a heart is that, it pumps the blood to the body through circulatory system, while delivering oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. In this process, heart takes care of eliminating carbon dioxide and waste from the body. Tissues need regulation of nutrition to remain active. It is very crucial for a heart to carry on its activities vigilantly for a hale and hearty life.

Prerequisites of a healthy heart


Fresh air, clean and neat environment and nutritious diet helps a heart to stay safe. To successfully keep a heart active and healthy, it is essential to supply healthy food. Your heart stays healthy with fish for omega-3 fatty acids ( Example: Tuna, Sardines, Herring) yoghurt, low-fat milk, vegetables, fruits, dark chocolate, cheese, whole nuts, green tea and black tea. A daily walk of 30 minutes or workout boosts the health of heart.

Warning Signs of Cardiac Disease

Some of the symptoms to check for cardiac arrest, stroke and heart attack are – arm weakness, speech difficulty and face dropping. Other symptoms also include discomfort in the upper areas of the body, cold sweat, nausea and lightheadedness. When you find any of these symptoms, follow the home remedies as below:


  • • Arrange to make the person sit down and allow to maintain silence for rest
  • • Give an aspirin as it release the blood clots
  • • Call for the nearby medical help immediately
  • • Check for the consciousness of the patient. If unresponsive, seek the emergency medical help over phone.
  • • Examine the condition of patient

Health Issues that increase the risk of heart disease

There are many types of heart diseases and some of these are – Rheumatic heart disease,
Hypertensive heart disease, Ischemic heart disease / Coronary heart disease, Cerebrovascular disease and Inflammatory heart disease.

Any one or more of the following factors enhance the risk of heart disease.

● Obesity ● Diabetes ● Overweight ● Arthritis ● Anemia ● Low or high blood pressure ● Hypertension ● Stress disorders

While there are many causes for heart attacks, sometimes it shows up quickly and slowly in other instances. However, staying alert and seeking medical advice immediately can save for better life. Checking blood pressure levels can signal an early warning sign to consult for medical help.

There is gigantic growth in medicine to treat cardiac ailments. Particularly the latest technology facilities, medical equipment and Robotic surgeries can cure any disease.
Experiencing any pain should never be neglected. For regular and emergency care you need health and medical helpline. Choose best treatment for various cardiac diseases. Apollo hospitals has an established successful record of performing over 1,52,000 cardiac and cardiothoracic surgeries.

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