How Long Does Successful Neurorehabilitation Take?

What is neurorehabilitation? Neurorehabilitation is the complex process of rehabilitation of the body’s nervous system from a sustained injury. The recovery process occurs after the acute stages of brain treatment are completed from the hospital. The treatment helps the patient recover, regains their cognitive and functional abilities and assists them with reaching their personal goals. These goals can include the capacity to walk, talk, or reanimate affected parts of the body.

The Brain                                                                                  

The brain is an incredibly complex organ and it serves as the centre of the nervous system that controls the rest of the body’s functions. When the brain sustains an injury, it is a possibility that the effects extend to the remainder of the body which can lead to paralysis, for example. Depending on the severity of the injury, doctors assess the injury and prescribe treatment options to address them. No brain trauma is identical, and no treatment option is the same either.

Brain injuries can result in several outcomes; leading to emotional, social, cognitive, and physical trauma. The journey to become ‘whole’ again will be challenging, but nonetheless, it is possible with the help of neuro specialists, neurosurgeons, therapists and counsellors.

Neurorehabilitation Expectations

What should you expect if someone you know will undergo neurorehabilitation? As mentioned before, depending on the severity of the injury, it is up to the specialist to prescribe which therapy fits best. The types of treatments available at Apollo Hospitals include speech therapy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy. In some cases, the patient might need to undergo psychological intervention which addresses behavioural components such as sudden mood and demeanour changes.

Once the patient begins to make progress during the rehabilitation process, the medical team may suggest extra therapeutic recreation services. Some of the more common recommendations are swimming, yoga, or simple stretching exercises.

The Recovery Process – How Long Does It Take?

 This is an often asked question, although one that cannot be answered definitively since the brain is an incredibly complex organ, and recovery times cannot be readily determined. Those who suffer trauma will most likely experience neurological disorders and only time, commitment, and professional help can heal the patient.

For some patients recovery within a short period is possible, but for others, it is most likely the recovery will be a long and frustrating journey. However, patients do not have to journey alone. When they are treated at Apollo Hospitals, they will be cared for by empathetic staff delivering the best patient experience possible. The staff at Apollo Hospitals offer counselling services, including physiotherapy sessions to enhance the restoration of limb movements threatened by disability.

During the journey to recovery, patients may need to learn how to adapt to a different life altogether, as well as their families and friends. The road to full recovery will be difficult but do not lose heart and encouragement to fight; no one is alone and there is always help for those who need it.

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