Preparing For a Kidney Transplant in India

There was a time where kidney transplants were viewed as a complex operation but now, kidney transplants are considered routine operations, saving thousands of lives worldwide, and many more in India. India has become a centralised medical hub in Asia, due to Apollo Hospitals’ medical and technological achievements in the medical niche. Apollo Hospitals has achieved over 400 transplants per year totalling up to more than 10,000 to date. Every year, thousands of patients travel to the hospital in hopes to get cured and receive kidney transplants from viable donors.

India trumps many other countries when it comes to their precision and quality healthcare, and this is evident with their Joint Commission International (JCI) partnerships and cooperation with some of the world’s number one healthcare providers in the US and beyond. In India, you’ll receive excellent medical care pre, during and post-kidney operation.

It is all about the personal touch when you go abroad for medical treatment, and with the country’s highly experienced surgeons together with the rest of the medical staff, you can rest assured you’ll get some of the best, if not, outstanding medical treatment imaginable.

There are many reasons why you should opt to travel to India for your kidney transplant. Of course, the opportunity to visit one of the most diverse Eastern countries in the world is a major pull, but there are also other attractive reasons, such as the cost. Private healthcare and transplants in India cost a fraction of the price you’d pay at home, and the service and treatment are just as good, if not better. Generally speaking, you’ll stay in hospital longer in India while recovering from your kidney transplant, and while you might see this as a drawback, it is not; your chances of a full recovery post-surgery without any complications improves ten-fold, especially in the care of experts.

Now, the language. India’s second official language is English. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will not encounter any language barriers. However, should you require a translator; the hospital has dedicated staff to help you communicate your questions and inquiries to your doctor and resident nurse.

Now, what do you need to do to prepare for a kidney transplant in India?

At Home 

Before you leave home, you need to get everything in order. You’ll need to have all your medical records and history, and you must take these when you fly to India for treatment. Having everything organised can help speed up the process and avoid going through all of those long medical tests again. In short, your transplant surgeons in India require these tests and documentation to qualify you for the procedure. Otherwise, it is highly unlikely the surgery can commence.

Your kidney donor is also important, and there are strict requirements that must adhere. The donor requires to be as closely related to you as possible, including compatible blood types, and they must have the medical all clear, and be of the right age (between 18 and 55 years old).

Kidney Transplant Prep 

Even though you’ve been given the thumbs up back home, your doctors in India may double check and you’ll both have to go through further testing; however, this is nowhere near as extensive as you’ve already been through, so there’s no need to panic. It might seem like you are constantly getting blood work and tests done, but when you think about how your quality of life and longevity will improve dramatically after your kidney transplant, everything else will pale in comparison.

Your doctors will assign you a tailor-made special diet to follow, which prepares your kidney for the surgery. The medical staff needs you to be as healthy as possible and in the best condition for the operation. Although kidney transplants are a commonplace these days, there are still risks involved, which is why you need to strengthen your body and purge it of all the toxins before receiving the transplant beforehand.

The Kidney Transplant Surgery 

When there are no complications, you can expect to be in surgery for approximately three hours. You and your donor will be separated, and you’ll be required to stay in separate ICUs to minimise any risk of infection or post-transplant stress.

Post-Transplant Care

In most hospitals you can expect to stay for 3-4 days after the initial kidney transplant, but in some cases your doctors may choose to keep you in for up to a week or so, hence, don’t go booking your return flights home too quickly. You need to rest for as long as the doctor recommends and stay infection-free.

A lot of the pre-transplant prep for your kidney transplant is related to paperwork and pre-transplant medical tests for both you and your donor. Of course, it is also important to look after yourself and get yourself into the best physical state as possible to ensure your kidney transplant goes smoothly. Once the transplant is done and no further problems are recorded, you can now rest easy and enjoy the rest of your vacation in India or back home.

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