Festivals are the time when you rejoice and let your hair down. They present the perfect occasion where you can let go of all restrictions and bask in the spirit of festivities with your friends and family. However, during special events, people do tend to over indulge on calorie-dense sugary or savory treats. You also neglect your health by not consuming enough water and skipping your fitness routine.

With these simple tips, staying healthy even during the festive season is possible.

Stay Fit. Stay Active!

Exercise is of utmost importance during the festivities. An active workout regime helps in keeping diseases, illnesses at bay. It is also essential to control your junk food intake so that you don’t go overboard. Indulging in such calorie-rich food in moderation will be ideal for you. Before taking part in the celebrations, make sure to do some intense aerobic, cardio exercises, early in the day.

Don’t Fall Sick.

Water-borne or air-borne diseases can affect your health, at any time! They are especially common during the peak festival time. However, you can prevent common cold and flu by washing your hands with a doctor-recommended hand wash. Keep hand sanitizers in your purse or bag as they can be quite helpful! Vaccinations are also available for certain diseases which are common during the festive season like meningitis, fever, mumps, measles, etc. Such immunizations are available in any almost every hospital in India.

Drink Plenty of Fluids.

Treating yourself lavishly with the choicest of foods will be your ideal way of celebrating. But make sure that you don’t indulge in too much of alcoholic drinks. Keeping yourself hydrated should be a priority. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water, regularly as it will help in refreshing you. Alcohol also contains excessive calories so consuming it in moderation will be ideal.

Do Eat Well!

Have a hearty, filling breakfast in the morning as it is the first important meal of the day. This helps you in avoiding overeating at later hours of the day. Foods rich in protein will be perfect for meals rather than the ones rich in carbohydrates and calories. If you want then you can make healthier versions of your favorite holiday treats. Cooking your most-liked delicacies with less oil, grease, sugar or sodium content will be perfect.

Work and personal life can wear you down and you end up feeling exhausted. However, holidays during the festive season present you the perfect time for relaxing. All you have to do is de-stress and take out some time for yourself. By taking good care of your health, you can spread the joy of festivities.

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