Stress stops us from focusing clearly or making good decisions. With the physical clutter around us and the frequent interactions with technology, we create an endless ball of tangled thread in our brain. Here are the ten ways to declutter your mind and find your inner peace.

1. Clean up your physical space

The physical mess adds to mental mess. It may seem pressurizing in the beginning. Do it little by little. Work on your concern zones and the space you invest your most energy in. Make a perfect and composed space where you can accumulate yourself and de-push every day. With technology playing an integral part, in our day to day lives, its also important to spring clean your email inbox and your personal computers.

2. Start a journal

Writing things down is a great way towards a less cluttered mind. Use a notebook and a pen which are easily accessible. Making pointers or lists are simple ways to write a journal. Once the list is created, keep track of your To Do lists and other calendar activities. Transferring your list of tasks to a paper will help in taking off the load from your mind.

3. Get outside

Most of our time is spent indoors. Going outdoors have proven to be therapeutic. Walking, jogging, shopping, taking your dog for walk, can help you relax as you break a sweat and release those happy brain chemicals. Massive landscapes also have great ability to make our problems seem a little smaller and manageable.

4. Ditch the television

Television is a guilty pleasure for most of us. With exciting and interesting content readily available on television and online platform, we are easily drawn into our personal space. While television seems like a great way to unwind, it’s doing pretty much the opposite. In case you’re not ready to ditch your television, limiting media intake including the web sites you go to – is a great concept. Set time boundaries or limit the content you watch.

5. Go Minimalist

Address the amount of material objects that we possess and the sheer amount of things we have to deal with, each day. You could cut down on few things altogether and try to overcome the stress related to it. While we have the notion that material possessions will make us happier, the truth can be just the opposite.

6. Don’t overbook yourself

In our fast paced society, we have long and sometimes unreasonable to-do lists. Before we happily oblige to everything and realize that we cannot even complete half of it, keep in mind that we have the right to say “No” sometimes. Be realistic, shift the priority.

7. Talk it out:

Talking to people helps as to receiving feedback from others that could be seen from a different perspective.Verbalizing our thoughts and feelings can make things feel more manageable as we release ownership over our problems.

8. Put others first:

Sharing from what you have, however little it may be, will always give you the inner peace that you need to lighten your mind. Whether or not you believe in karma, you can be sure that helping out others can give you some peace of mind.

9. Embrace your one-track mind:

Go one step at a time when it comes to finishing your list of tasks. You would be surprised the way this would help to declutter your mind. Be realistic and take it easy.

10. Do nothing at all:

Best way to beat the stress when your brain is on serious overdrive, is to do nothing at all. Take a nap. Sit on the couch. Take a bath. Meditate.

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