Health check






The buzz about getting a regular health check check  done is growing rapidly. In the middle of our busy schedule, we often tend to neglect our health, not thinking much about the repercussions of doing so.

But why does one need health checks?

A health check is a package of clinical screening examinations, which you need to undergo in order to understand your health condition. This routine check will help you to assess the  health condition of different organs and  will help you to detect hidden abnormalities or symptoms. It can be life saving, as early detection ensures better treatment, better chances of survival and better quality of life.

The purpose of health checks is to:

  • Screen for diseases
  • Assess the risk of any potential medical problems
  • Plan and make healthy lifestyle choices
  • Follow immunisation schedules

The Apollo Premium Health Checks not only aim to diagnose and treat on the basis of appropriate screening, but also educate patients to take charge of their health.

Don’t shy away from regular medical check-ups and encourage your family members and friends to get them done as well. Make sure that you go for your regular medical checks in order to stay fit and fine.  Stay healthy! Be happy!



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