• The approach to solid organ cancers has involved radical resection of the tumor-bearing organ since time immemorial.

• Better imaging and neoadjuvant chemo radiation have enabled organ preservation without compromising on cancer-free margins and tumor control.

• All these radical procedures are today enabled by minimal access procedures using laparoscopy or robotic surgeries.

• Currently critical area minimal access surgery via robotics especially thoracic surgery involving thymoma. Tumors and thymectomy for myasthenia gravis disease. Where the tumor lies on the heart and involves major blood vessels and nerves using robotics surgery is performed with great precision and accuracy and a hospital stay of less than 48hours, similarly lung cancer involving a portion of the cancer-bearing lung can be removed with great precision and short hospital stay.

• Image-guided mapping of cancer spread with resection by robotic surgery in gynecological cancers increase precision and limits morbidity of lymphadenectomy.

• Daycare surgery for breast cancer patients involving breast-conserving surgery with or without implants with axillary sentinel node biopsy has shortened the hospital stay to the day of surgery alone.

Dr. T.P.S. Bhandari
MS (Surg), DNB (Surg), FIS (ONC)
MCh (Surg Onc)
Consultant Surgical Oncologist
Apollo Cancer Hospital, Hyderabad


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