Apollo Platinum Health Checkup

When you are sick, you are not just feeling physically unwell but it also makes you feel sad. The Apollo Platinum Health Check not only makes you feel healthy but also helps you feel good! The Platinum Lounge is city’s most posh & comprehensive healthcare service. Welcome to the most luxurious healthcare!

The Platinum Lounge at the Apollo Heart Centre provides you with the best fusion of comprehensive medical facilities and expertise in a relaxing ambience. The moment you Book an Appointment, the skilled consultants and efficient support staff takes care of you with utmost care.

The Apollo Platinum Health Check is a holistic check that has been designed especially to meet patient’s health needs, meet high expectations of excellence, promptness and exclusivity. Since your time & you are valuable, our efficient staff will provide you with comprehensive & one to one care to meet your health requirements within a short time.

The Platinum check includes different health checks & tests such as haemogram, diabetic profile, kidney profile, cardiac profile, liver profile, thyroid stimulating hormone, vitamin D level and general tests such as blood grouping and typing, complete urine analysis, routine stool analysis, chest X-ray etc. Physical examination and consultation with diet and lifestyle advisor are also available!

The Apollo Platinum Health Check also has one more added benefit where along with your health check you can get a 320 slice CT scan as well. It usually offers a non-invasive way to detect early stages of coronary artery disease and helps in taking steps to prevent it. The doctor can provide you with the best advice to prevent further narrowing of vessels. Platinum Lounge is the only centre in India to offer patients with such a facility.

A proper & timely health check is imperative with the sedentary lifestyle people lead nowadays. Apollo Platinum Health Check provides healthcare that one has never seen before!

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