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The Apollo Heart Centre, Chennai has emerged as a pioneer in the luxurious healthcare category. It has established a niche  for itself with an amazing combination of state-of-the-art clinical excellence & unhindered care!

Apollo Heart Centre has put an extra effort & gone that extra mile to introduce an excellent and game-changing hospitality. It comes with amazing features blending  luxury and world-class healthcare,  which was never thought of before.

Apollo Heart Centre has become the perfect fusion of expertise & opulence, for people who seek more than only good. It is tailor-made for your needs and is highly convenient for everyone! They excel in the forte of preventive healthcare. AHC provides people with comprehensive & personalised health check plans to keep you healthy & fit. It is  built on the foundation of cutting edge diagnostics and the expertise of our experienced specialists.

The health checks at the Apollo Heart Centre, Chennai are the best and come from the best in preventive healthcare. They have ensured from the very beginning by introducing the modern health check,  that healthcare becomes more preventive, proactive and predictive. With peerless expertise, privacy and the true knowledge of your medical reports, Apollo Heart Centre has set  a new standard of care !

A health check can be very beneficial for both body and the mind. It identifies the warning signs and course of correction that the body needs to go through in order to ward off major illness. The peace of mind & optimism are invaluable.

Give care a new definition and welcome the future of healthcare with open arms!



  1. I have ringworm problem and tried all types of medicine and ointment
    But obviously no results found
    So please tell me what should I use

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