Chronic Health Conditions

You must have often wondered about chronic diseases and its different characteristics. Such conditions are essentially long-term illnesses which impact a person’s health and their independence. It also affects the ability of performing daily activities. So, it becomes important to understand the major contributors for these diseases.

It is also vital to understand which ailments fall under the category of chronic health conditions –

  • Cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart attack
  • Colon and breast cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Epilepsy, seizures
  • Obesity and Diabetes
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Before commencing with the treatment procedures for the above-mentioned chronic illnesses, it is necessary to ask your medical practitioner certain crucial questions. Some of the frequently asked questions are –

What are the major characteristics?

Such ailments are characterized by several complicated risk factors which can severely affect one’s health. It can further result in functional disabilities or impairments. If health problems are lingering over a long period of time, then intensive management becomes mandatory.

Are there any early symptoms?

It is always better to ask the medical experts regarding early signs of chronic illnesses. In case of arthritis, you should be aware of symptoms like swelling of joints, tenderness or stiffness at joints.

If someone has experienced a stroke attack, then the early indicators can be sudden dizziness, numbness of the face, leg or arm, severe headache, loss of coordination. An early prognosis of these symptoms will certainly lead to their early treatment.

What are the risk factors?

Before going forth with the diagnosis, you must be aware of the risk factors of such long-term ailments. You would be surprised to know that many of these issues are often related to your daily life. Lack of exercising or physical activities, consuming a calorie-laden/high-fat diet are some of the primary causes.
Excessive smoking, alcohol intake, exposure to sunlight, stress and depression are some other major reasons. Curbing these issues can only be possible with immediate rectification and prompt diagnosis.

Are there any dietary suggestions?

Nutrition is an important aspect when it comes to managing different chronic conditions. However, prolonged illnesses take a toll on your body and overall health. This is why consuming healthy, wholesome meals becomes vital so that your body can fight illnesses better.

Incorporating the appropriate amount of minerals, proteins, and vitamins in meals is necessary. When formulating the treatment process, your doctor will certainly recommend you to opt for a therapeutic and balanced nutritional plan.

How to cope with long-term ailments?

Chronic health conditions will certainly cause a lot of stress and anxiety among patients. Such serious issues can also make you feel helpless, without any proper solution at sight! In such cases, doing research and finding appropriate information about your ailment can be helpful. The consulting doctor can also aid you in setting short-term, concrete goals for you. This helps in restoring your independence and certainty of recuperating from the health problem.

Positive news is that certain chronic disease symptoms are either preventable or controllable. This can be done by maintaining a proper exercise regime, eating nutritious food, quitting alcohol and smoking.

Gaining the upper hand over such ailments is indeed possible! So, make sure you clarify your doubts with an experienced medical specialist of chronic diseases.

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