At the onset, people usually have a misconception that Diabetes is not curable, but with some healthy lifestyle changes and a lot of perseverance, it is manageable. The key to keeping diabetes under control is regular exercise and proper dietary intake.

Get Moving!

Exercise and physical activities are highly recommended for people with Diabetes. One could start with a moderate workout routine or simply take up a hobby that keeps one active.

  • Try out fun activities – Does going to the gym sound tedious to you? There are multiple options to keep you going. One could try yoga, aerobics, pilates or simply walk your dog. Anything that raises the heart rate and keeps your energy boosted is great!
  • Do a short, quick workout – Several brief workouts of short durations are very effective. Simply make a target of 30 minutes or an hour a day and break that into multiple short and easy workouts.
  • Make healthy switches – Take the stairs instead of the elevator, cycle to work instead of taking your car and get started on household chores by yourself. These little activities do add up!
  • Set simple goals – Set attainable targets and reward yourself for achieving them. This will keep your motivated and inspire you to take your fitness goal a notch higher.

Eat Smart!

Maintaining a proper, well balanced diet is one of the easiest yet most effective and sustainable ways to prevent and manage diabetes. Having diabetes does not mean that you have to completely give up your favourite foods. You simply need to be wise and make the right choices in the correct quantities!

  • Breakfast is important – You’ve heard it before and we’re saying it again! Emphasise and indulge in a good and hearty breakfast. This is essential in maximising your energy levels, regulating your blood glucose and insulin levels. A perfect breakfast must comprise vital components i.e., fruits, vegetables, protein, good fat, healthy carbohydrates, herbs and spices.
  • Follow the dos and don’ts – Eliminate unhealthy sugars and Trans fats from your diet. On the contrary, fuel up on fibre rich greens, dairy products and healthy carbohydrates. Incorporate healthy snacks in your routine. One must never neglect fluids. Being well hydrated is extremely essential at all times.

One must always focus on the end result and egg themselves on to sticking to their daily diet and workout plans religiously. Indeed what may seem tiresome today will be of immense gain in the long run!

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