Motherhood is a very memorable moment for every woman, but if you are in constant pain, it changes the joy of motherhood. A 27-year-old woman from Navi Mumbai, had delivered her 2nd baby through a C- Section at a private hospital, in Navi Mumbai. A week after the delivery, she started experiencing severe abdominal pain and was not able to eat or drink anything. She was rushed to Apollo Hospitals in a medical emergency. On the diagnosis it posed a challenge for the consultants, whether all of this is due to some non-surgical problem of distension of intestine or something of serious surgical importance, as she had underwent surgery just 6 days back , so there were lot of non-specific changes in her abdominal cavity even after CT Scan.

After a thorough clinical evaluation, with a multi-disciplinary team of specialists and the radiologist, we figured that there was something wrong with her colon. The medical approach was discussed with the family in detail and we went ahead with the surgery. There were multiple perforation’s with adjacent infections.  We did ileostomy (surgical opening of the abdominal wall) for her and took her back again to operation theatre with her condition stabilized and did definitive surgery for her. The surgery was successfully performed by Dr. Shalin Dubey, Consultant, Laparoscopic Surgeon and the patient discharged from the hospital. She is doing well and enjoying motherhood with her new born.

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