No matter how much you try to imbibe healthy oral habits in your kids, kids will be kids. You need to pamper them with chocolates, ice creams and candies. After all, childhood is not going to come back again.

With all that pampering, the teeth need some extra care. Cavities are caused due to bacteria or other microorganisms in the mouth which digest the food particles stuck in the mouth and turn them into acid. So if there are no food particles, there is no reaction, and thus no cavities.

Teach your children to follow the points given below instead of stopping them from enjoying their precious childhood moments.

  • Stick to twice a day brushing routine – Brush in the morning (after waking up) and at night (before going to sleep). Frequent brushing can also be harmful as it can steal your enamel away.
  • Brush properly – Brushing also has a technique which when applied solves the purpose efficiently. Smile wide and brush your teeth in an up and down motion.

Then open your mouth wide and clean the inner surface of teeth. Do not clean in a zig-zag way. You can either try brushing towards, outwards or inwards.

  • Do not avoid tongue cleaning – Your tongue is another surface area where bacteria can breed, it also accounts to foul breath. Thus, it’s important to clean your tongue after brushing.
  • Make flossing a habit – Food particles can get stuck between your teeth, which may not get removed during brushing. Thus, flossing cleans your teeth completely.
  • Take care of your toothbrush too – Keep your toothbrush and tongue cleaner in a hygienic place, as bacteria and micro-organisms can grow on the bristles. Also, other insects or rodents can further make then unhygienic and unsafe to use. Change your toothbrush every month.
  • Rinse mouth after eating – You wouldn’t like the world to know what you had for lunch/dinner right? So rinsing your mouth is a good practise.
  • See a dentist twice a year – Apollo Clinics is just a call away. Fix an appointment and visit the experts, so that they can guide you in a professional way without prescribing many restrictions. Also, taking your child to visit a dentist once every three months will ensure his/her oral safety against any kind of plaque.

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