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Frequently Asked Questions

Patients can view through our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about the hospital, procedures, and other inquiries. If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can submit your questions or talk to us at Apollo International Life Line +91-40-4344-1066.


Visiting India

What are the required registration documents needed to register at the hospital?

You must produce your passport to get registered at the hospital. We will keep a copy of your photo page and visa page in your hospital records. This is a mandatory step required by the Government of India.

I can't speak English or native Indian languages; how do I communicate with the doctors?

We have a specialized team of interpreters and translators to help you communicate comfortably with our doctors.

Where is my family staying while I receive treatment?

Our International Patients services personnel can help you and your family set-up accommodations based on your budget during your treatment at Apollo Hospitals.

Who is responsible for my stay and who can be reached for assistance?

Your primary consultants and nursing team will be responsible for your medical requirements and non-medical requirements are fulfilled by our International Patients Service Coordinators.

Who else will I meet other than doctors and nurses?

You will meet staff from International Patients Services Centre, a dietician, and a physiotherapist. If required, we will assign a housekeeping staff to clean your room during your stay.

I would like to give a tip. Can I do that?

We highly discourage the practice. However, if you wish to contribute to our staff’s welfare, kindly do so through our Employee Benevolence Fund. For more information, please contact the staff at International Patients department for more details and instructions.

How can I contact my relatives in my home country?

To make an international call, please dial ‘0’, followed by the country, area code, then the mobile or landline number. Another alternative is to dial ‘9’ to speak with an operator to connect you to your destination.

Note: Please be advised all international calls are charged and added to your overall bill.

Will Apollo Hospitals be able to accommodate my food choices and preferences?

Absolutely. We will do our best to prepare and serve you a variety of food choices as per your preferences. However, kindly note all dietary prescriptions are subject to change according to your doctor’s advice and current health status. We strictly prohibit bringing food from the outside into the hospital. Additionally, smoking and alcohol use are strictly prohibited within the hospital premises.

Where can I pray?

Most of our hospital locations have designated prayer rooms to cater to different religious beliefs and faith. We also provide counselling and pastoral services.



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Ms. Lilian came to Apollo Hospitals Chennai from Kenya for treatment following an accident that resulted in fractures. Just 3 days after her surgery, she was able to walk. She thanks God and Dr.