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Spinal Injuries


Some damage to the spinal cord, either from compression from tumor or infection, trauma or loss of its normal blood supply can cause a spinal cord injury. These injuries may be classified into two types—complete or incomplete. Human body fails to function below the level of injury when experiencing complete injuries. But for incomplete injuries, the body can still carry out some functions below the level of injury.

Hence, Surgery is required for treating the spinal cord injury in order to stabilize the spine. If fracture, tumor or infection has weakened the vertebrae, they may not be able to support the normal body weight and protect the spinal cord. As a result of this, a combination of rods, plates and metal screws may be needed to uphold the vertebrae and stabilize them till the bones heal up. And it is important that patients go through a comprehensive rehabilitation program after surgery. In essence, physical and occupational therapy as well as assistive devices may help the patient increase their body functions.


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Ms. Vishmi, Sri Lanka

Miss Vishmi , a 13 years old from Sri Lanka was treated at Apollo Hospitals for Scoliosis following her sister’s surgery.