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Slipped Disc


A prolapsed disc is described as a condition whereby the inner, softer section of the disc extends through a weakness in the disc’s outer part. This protruding disc may then exert pressure on the surrounding nerves which, in turn, lead to pain and discomfort. The commonest symptoms of a prolapsed disc include ache in the arm or leg, back pain, perceptible pinpricks in toes, feet and hands.


Normally, surgery may be recommended if the symptoms have not subsided after about six weeks or thereabout. Apollo Hospital spine surgeons may require that prolapsed disc patients go for:

Keyhole surgery – This is also known as micro discectomy spine surgery: It is usually performed when there is a prolapsed disc in the lumbar (lower back) region that is pressing against a nerve.

Disc replacement – A device that is inserted into the spine to carry out the functions of a normal disc (allowing motion and carrying load) is called an artificial disc. Artificial discs are normally made of plastic-like (biopolymer) or metal materials, or of both metal and biopolymer. The disc replacement for prolapsed disc is performed in the cervical (neck) spine.


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