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What are Treatments for Prolapsed Disc?


Exercise Continuously!

You should continue with your normal daily activities, as much as you can. This may seem impossible at first if the pain in your back is severe. However, try to move around and return to your normal activities as soon as possible. As a rule, refrain from doing anything that may cause a lot of pain.

Before, patients used to be told to rest until the pain disappear. It is now discovered to be a wrong piece of advice. Being active can make you recover more quickly because your back pain is less likely to become chronic (persistent) if you keep moving rather than resting a lot. It is advisable you sleep in the most natural and convenient position on any comfortable surface. People have been wrongly advised in the past to sleep on a thick mattress.


If painkillers are necessary for your recovery, it is advisable to take them regularly. This is more appropriate than taking them when your back pain suddenly appears every now and then or when the pain is getting bad. If you take them everytime you will be relieved of your back pain most of the time and have the strength to continue your exercise and moving around.

Physical treatments

Some patients visit an osteopath, chiropractor or physiotherapist for physical treatments and manipulation. It is still under scrutiny whether physical treatments could be of help to all people suffering from a prolapsed disc. However, it is reasonable to agree that physical treatments can offer some short-term relief and quicken the recovery process in certain cases.


If other treatments aren’t effective, surgery may be a viable option in certain cases. Generally, surgery is considered if the symptoms have not disappeared after about six weeks or more. This happens on a few occasions, because almost in 9 out of 10 cases the symptoms have gone and are not bad enough to require surgical treatment within six weeks. The primary purpose of surgery is to remove the prolapsed section of the disc. A specialist will normally advise you on the pros and cons of using surgery manage back pain, and also introduce you to the other available techniques.


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