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How To Keep Your Back Healthy?



Do regular aerobic activities that have low-impact, that is, those that won’t jolt or strain your back. This can definitely increase the endurance and strength in your back and make your muscles function properly. Swimming and walking are good exercise choices. Anyway, discuss with your doctor so as to know which activities are the best for you.

Building muscle flexibility and strength

Back muscle and abdominal exercises (that is, core-strengthening exercises) can help condition the muscles in your back and abdomen so that they can function together like a natural back’s corset for you. Facts have shown that the flexibility concerning the muscles of your upper legs and hips often function simultaneously with your pelvic bones to strengthen your back muscle and improve how you feel in your back.

Quit smoking

It is believed that smokers often have reduced oxygen levels in their spinal tissues, which can prevent the healing process in case they have a back pain.

Maintaining a healthy weight

You should always understand that being obese or overweight puts strain on your back muscles. Losing some weight can prevent back pain for overweight people.

Using proper body mechanics

Standing smart: You should be in neutral position for your pelvic. If you need to stand for a long period of time, try to change your posture by placing your feet on a low stool in order to take some load (weight) off your lower back.

Sitting smart: Select a seat that has armrests, swivel base and good lower back support. You can place a rolled towel or pillow behind your back so as to maintain its normal curve. Maintain your hip and knees and levels.

Lifting smart: Consider moving down and straight up, and let your legs do the most work. Keep your back straight and bend only at the knees. You should hold the load close to your body. And you shouldn’t lift and twist at the same time. Work with a partner if the object you are lifting is awkward or heavy.

Sleeping smart: Normally, patients with back pain have sometimes been advised to use a firm mattress. But recent studies reveal that a mattress of medium firmness may be better. You can use pillows for support, but do not attempt to use a pillow that props your neck up at a steep angle.

Article written by:

Dr. Sajan K Hegde
SR. Consultant Spine Surgeon
Apollo Hospitals Chennai


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