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Common Spine Diseases


Described below are facts you should know about the "Slipped Disc”

Understanding the spine

The spine is composed of many bones that are referred to as vertebrae. The discs are approximately circular in shape, and are situated between each vertebra. The discs consist of strong rubber-like tissue that makes it possible for the spine to be somehow flexible. Structurally, a disc is made up of a soft middle part named nucleus pulposus, which is jelly-like in nature and its outer part is stronger and fibrous in nature.

The function of the spine is to protect the spinal cord that houses the nerves that emanate from the brain. The nerves situated in the spinal cord emerge from between the vertebrae to receive and transmit messages to different parts of the body. Some strong ligaments are visibly attached to the vertebrae. These ligaments provide extra strength and support to the spine. Similarly, different kinds of muscles also surround and are attached to various sections of the spine.

What is a prolapsed disc?

Who can get a prolapsed disc?

What are the symptoms of a prolapsed disc?

How does a prolapsed disc progress?

Are any tests required?

The available options for treating a prolapsed disc

Can progressive back pain, prolapsed disc or bouts be prevented?

How can you make your back strong and healthy for a long time?


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