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Heart Muscle | ClearWayâ„¢ RX Rapid Exchange Perfusion Catheter


The ClearWayâ„¢ RX - Rapid Exchange Therapeutic Perfusion Catheter helps save larger area of heart muscle during heart attacks. Cardiac interventionists are now aware that of the fact that removing the big clot that causes a heart attack in insufficient; they also need to make sure that the supply of blood to the heart muscles via small vessels is not disrupted.

When a cardiac interventionist thrombolyses the clot that caused a heart attack, fragments of the blood clot often migrate down the heart’s micro-vessels and become lodged there, thus cutting off the supply of oxygen to that are of heart muscle. When there is an insufficient amount of blood flow to the end of the vessel, a correction is needed to prevent permanent damage.

Since the traditional method of administering drugs through a catheter to dislodge the clots can only deliver less than 20% of the drug to the target area, the ClearWay catheter is sued to prevent the microvasculature from clogging. We thus use this state-of-the-art therapeutic infusion device, which has a balloon at its end to gently direct the drug into the targeted area, to dissolve the clot.


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Badriya from Oman, talks about her daughter, Reem’s treatment at Apollo Hospitals by Dr. Vani

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Badriya from Oman, talks about her daughter, Reem’s treatment at Apollo Hospitals by Dr. Vani. Watch the video to know how the 7-year-old combatted brain cancer.