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Apollo’s Personalised Health Check is a tailor-made service to suit your health and lifestyle, regardless of age. The system analyses patients health, accurately determining their susceptibility to developing diseases according to factors relating to hereditary, environmental, and more. The tests deep dive into various possibilities and identify any potential for disease development. It is not a diagnostic test. However, the report can guide you to take proactive measures for disease prevention.

Over the past 3 years, Apollo Hospitals have successfully performed over 12 million health checks and helped many to determine their health and take appropriate, timely action. Apollo’s Personalised Health Check is the first of its kind in the country to deliver results and save lives.

What does the health check-up offer? Apollo Hospitals provides a variety of health checks including Haematology Profile, Diabetic Profile, Cardiac Profile, Abdomen Ultrasound, Gynaecology examination for women, DNA +Personal Genome Analysis test, and more.

Also, the hospital offers comprehensive continuum services to help you stay healthy and disease-free. Get started today by getting in touch with a physician online and find out which health check suits your needs.

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