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The heart is one of the most crucial organs in the body, working since conception. Over the course of time, the heart and lungs can attract a variety of diseases, affecting the lives of many people worldwide and many of which are fatal are left untreated. Over the years, Apollo Hospitals performed over 140,000 cardiac surgeries and achieved a high success rate of 99.6%. The hospital’s Centre of Cardiothoracic Surgery is one of the most experienced heart centres in South East Asia, attracting people from around the country and worldwide to receive quality treatment.

The Centre of Cardiothoracic Surgery performs open heart surgeries, aneurysm surgeries, to heart transplants, including many other treatment options. Many of the treatment options available at Apollo Hospitals are executed by qualified doctors and employing the latest medical technology to save lives.


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Mr. Hilal Mubarak from Oman talks about his surgery at Apollo Hospitals

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