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ECMO (Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) is a lifesaving innovative intensive care technology that is utilized when a kid/grown-up has a condition which keeps the lungs or heart from working normally. It includes a machine that control the workings of the heart and lungs (altered heart - lung machine in ICU) until they show signs of improvement.

ECMO can bolster the patient for a considerable length of time, up to weeks. The ECMO innovation has a demonstrated reputation in an assortment of conditions particularly regarding children and requires a committed group of therapeutic and paramedical specialists, who work around the clock providing bedside care. The ECMO set up includes the vascular cannulae, the blood pump (controls blood stream), oxygenator (oxygenates blood and uproots carbon dioxide), blood hotter and tubing's through which the blood streams. 


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Ms. Vishmi, Sri Lanka

Miss Vishmi , a 13 years old from Sri Lanka was treated at Apollo Hospitals for Scoliosis following her sister’s surgery.