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Nursing staff were very caring, did their duty very diligently and efficiently. Nursing staff are very professionally trained and took constant care over 2 days.

They administered drugs at the right time, applied powder etc. they were very cheerful, created a very conducive atmosphere for quick recovery. They answered all questions related to monitoring equipments, their readings and permissible limits.

There is an excellent coordination amongst the staff.Housekeeping and security does a good job in keeping the surroundings neat, clean, clutter free and safe.

Thanks to Dr. Rodrigues and team in emergency section for quickly administering medicine to recover me.
Special thanks to Sr. Buelah, Sr. Fatima, Sr. Ribah, Sr. Sheene and others.

Mrs. Suryakala S.
UHID- AHB/326678

Mrs. Suryakala S.

I am Mr. Anand Murthy; I had a wound in my leg which was non healing from 2 years. I also have mild varicose veins. Every doctor I met suggested crepe bandage or stockings. But ulcer did not heal. Dr. Shashidhar suggested laser for my varicose veins along with 4 layer dressings. Since the procedure is very simple and without complications I accepted for the procedure. The ulcer healed in 3 weeks following the laser.Now after 2 years my leg does not have an ulcer. Thanks to Dr. Shashidhar and I recommend him for varicose veins treatment.

Mr. Anand MurthyBanglore

I had very painful varicose veins in my left leg for about six years. Dr. Shashidhar K P recommended Laser ablation of the varicose vein in my left leg. I was extremely pleased with the results. No more pain when I sit, stand or walk. The shashidhar k P and his team were very accommodating. They made sure I understood everything.

I had very painful varicose veins

I am a 56 year old male living in Indore. My Symptoms started about 2 years back when I noticed brief burning pain when I used to walk. Sitting down about 10 minutes the pain would go away.This continued each time I would do physical activity. I visited a neurosurgeonhe said this is because of my back problem. I was advised exercises and some medications. After 3 months of treatment my problem worsened and I have severe pain in my leg. I then contacted my personal doctor who referred me to vascular surgeon. I met Dr. Shashidhar K P at Apollo hospital.Upon examination he immediately said it is because of block in my blood vessel and I don’t have pulse in my right leg. I underwent angiogram the next day and he opened the block by stenting 15 cms blocked blood vessel. The next day the pain was not there. It was an immediate relief. I was told it is because of smoking, if I do not quit smoking the vessel will get blocked again. It has been about 6 weeks now and so far I have maintained 100% circulation once again in this leg. I thank Dr. Shashidhar and his team in Apollo hospital for immediately recognizing the problem and treating me.

I am a 56 year old male living in Indore
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