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We Can I Can – Cancer Survivors’ Day

Apollo Cancer Hospital & CURE Foundation hosted ‘Celebration of Life’ Celebrations at Apollo Cancer Hospital on the eve of Cancer Survivors’ Day, to appreciate the courage of cancer survivors & boost the morale of patients.

Hyderabad, June 4, 2016: Apollo Cancer Hospitals, Hyderabad and CURE Foundation organized Celebration of Life’ on the eve of Cancer Survivors’ Day (June 4, 2016 Time 11:30am), on Saturday at Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills. Chief Guest Ms. Regina Cassandra, Film Actress & Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy, Director, Apollo Cancer Hospital, joined Cancer Survivors and patients to appreciate the courage of brave cancer survivors and boost the morale of cancer patients undergoing treatment. Survivors will share their experience, respond to questions from patients, and celebrate the occasion by singing and dancing.

On this occasion, Ms. Regina Cassandra has unveiled ‘Symbol of Resilience’ – symbolizing life, enduring strength and resilient will to survive.

Citing the example of one of the cancer survivors present at the program, 85 year old Appalachari, who translated Bhagavad-Gita into Urdu and is attempting to compile a Telugu to Urdu dictionary after successfully combating cancer, Ms. Regina Cassandra said, he is a true inspiration for all cancer patients with a strong message that cancer is curable and one can lead a normal life post that. In the past cancer was dreaded by everyone, but in the recent years cancer care has made rapid strides with new treatments and techniques to treat cancer. However the key to cancer treatment is early diagnosis, which makes cancer treatment easy. Today 65% of adult cancers being curable is a significant progress and has been possible because of early diagnosis. Stage 2 or 3 or 4 cancers are difficult to treat, she said. She advised regular annual check-ups after 40 years of age. Amongst juvenile cancers the survival rate is as good as 85%, she pointed out.

 Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy said cancer was always perceived as a death sentence. That’s not the case anymore, the latest technology and treatments available and the zeal in the patient to fight cancer have made enormous difference in the treatment of cancer and the HOPE IS REAL for cancer patients. The cancer survivors who have successfully combated and conquered the dreaded cancer disease are the real heroes. These heroes speaking and presenting their real life experience is much more convincing to the depressed cancer patients and they too see a ray of hope. This builds the confidence of the patients to fight their own battle against cancer, he said.

Dr. Reddy said, there has been tremendous development in cancer treatment in the recent past – minimal invasive surgery, targeted therapy, new chemotherapy drugs and high precision radiotherapy are some of the latest and highly effective arsenals in combating this disease. Unlike in the past, today we are able to cure almost 75% of the cancer cases. The balance 25% is failing because of late detection.

Don’t be scared of cancer! Be scared of late diagnosis of cancer! Everyone should get regular check-ups to enhance the chance of early diagnosis. Even if you are diagnosed of cancer, maintain positive attitude and follow your doctor’s advice. Don’t worry about side effects of cancer treatment, they are temporary and you will emerge a winner, added Dr. Reddy. He wanted Cancer survivors to proudly proclaim themselves to be survivors, as surviving from cancer is no more a stigma.

About CURE Foundation

CURE Foundation is a spirited initiative to create consciousness on cancer prevention, early detection, cure & rehabilitation specially for the needful. In addition to spreading awareness for the benefit of the society, the foundation has so far made available quality cancer treatment to more than 500 needy patients, and engaged in numerous rehabilitation, research and education programs.

About Apollo Cancer Hospital

Apollo Cancer Hospitals, Hyderabad is the first super specialty cancer hospital in the country. Technological supremacy, global protocols, outstanding clinical expertise and outcomes that benchmark with the best in the world, is what sets it apart from other hospitals.

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