Heart Disease Prevention Program Apollo Hospital
Healthy Heart Program

Healthy Heart Program components

  • CBP
  • CUE
  • HbA1C
  • ECG
  • TMT (only if patient is fit)
  • TSH
  • ECHO & C.T.ANGIO (if required only)
Consultation with Apollo Healthy Heart Doctor * Our Healthy heart doctor will be your guide throughout the entire program and monitor your development
Consultation with Apollo Cardiologist * Our Cardiologist will perform a thorough assessment of your heart and will recommend solutions to reduce the risk of heart disease.
Consultation with Nutritionist * Nutrition management is complex and involves detailed discussion. Our expert Dietitian will offer you individualized education and a plan on dietary changes that can positively influence your heart health.
Consultation with Apollo Physiotherapist * Quality of your life can be certainly improved to a great extent if you choose to seek help from a qualified Physiotherapist. Our experienced Physiotherapist will tailor a treatment program that addresses all the possible factors leading to heart diseases.
Consultation with Social worker * Educating patients on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and the need to be proactive is imperative. Your consultation with the social worker will ensure that you are aware of the need to take these positive steps with assurance and confidence.
Consultation with Yoga/Meditation expert * Yoga can diminish cardiac risk factors and enhance lifestyle choices. Yoga includes correction of physical postures, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and meditation in a manner that accentuates heart health.
Call by Apollo Healthy Heart Doctor ** To ensure compliance to the program, the Apollo Healthy Heart Doctor will call you on a regular basis. This also provides an opportunity for you to interact with the Doctor in case of any queries.

* Quarterly consultations ** Weekly and Monthly Calls
Any investigations required beyond the program will be offered at a 15% discount

Apart from the above, there will be a weekly and monthly call with your Healthy Heart doctor to ensure that you are adhering to the program and are receiving all the optimal benefits of the program. The cost to enrol in this program will be Rs.5999/-

Patients undergoing Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery at Apollo Hospitals will be automatically be enrolled into the program free of cost for a year. This helps enhance the outcome of the interventions and prevent recurrence.

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