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Apollo ‘Health of the Nation’ Report

On the occasion of World Health Day, Apollo Hospitals, one of the leading providers of world-class health care services with a network of more than 70 hospitals across India, rolls out the ‘Health of the Nation’ report that helps in understanding how the non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have been rising steadily from the last two decades.

NCDs have turned out to be one of the top causes of deaths in India at a staggering 64.9% compared to communicable diseases and other causes that dropped at 25% in the last 20 years.

The report offers a unique perspective drawn from Apollo Hospitals’ 37 years of extensive experience along with its vast footprint across India. The data underscores how Big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help predict health risks and help prevent as well as reduce NCDs. Additionally, given the prevalence of the pandemic, this becomes important as individuals with NCDs like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, kidney diseases, etc. are likely to get severely ill from COVID-19.

Therefore, it is important to continue focusing on regular health checks to detect NCDs along with AI-enabled tools that helps in identifying premature health disturbances early. Towards this, Apollo Hospitals launched ‘Apollo ProHealth’, a proactive personalized health management program backed by cutting-edge technology - advanced diagnostics, artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms to predict, prevent and overcome health risks

The ‘Health of the Nation’ report helps us analyze and manage NCDs proactively, with the data extracted using AI and data analytics.To know more/read our ‘Health of the Nation’ report….