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Stroke Support Group created by Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi on World Stroke Day

This support group saw participation from over 300 patients, friends and families with the aim of providing a forum for stroke survivors and caregivers to make friends, socialize and to exchange common challenges by sharing experiences and encouraging one another.

The forum also hosted experts and doctors who spoke on identifying stroke signs at the earliest and timely intervention which could help save a lot of lives. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. P N Renjen, Senior Consultant, Neurology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi said, “The recovery of a patient from stroke is completely dependent on timely medical intervention. Unlike a heart attack, a stroke victim loses brain function and therefore is dependent on others to take him to an emergency centre. If provided specialised medical attention immediately or within the first half an hour the chances of recovery improve dramatically.

The doctors and patients discussed the importance of timely action after recognising the symptoms of stroke. The symptoms of stroke include facial and arm weakness, slurred speech, loss of vision etc. which if left untreated may lead to disability in many cases. Dr. Renjen added, “When stroke strikes, every minute is precious and treatment within 4.5 hours can reduce disability.

The patients and families shared their stories and experiences that provided an informed atmosphere to share common concerns regarding stroke.

Stroke Support News

Stroke Support News

Stroke Support News

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