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Apollo Virtual Clinic launched at Apartment complexes

Jain Housing & Constructions, a leading player in the construction industry have announced that their new complex Inseli Park coming up at OMR Padur will now be provided with healthcare services round the clock.

This Value Added Service will be a boon to the occupants. With over 80,000 tele-consultations in 25 different specialties, Apollo Telemedicine the largest and oldest multi-specialty TeleHealth network in South Asia has now embarked on providing healthcare in apartment complexes. Using high speed Internet, TeleHealth enabled peripheral medical devices and customized software (MedeIntegra), high quality video conferencing will occur in a seamless manner. The patient can directly interact with an Apollo family physician, specialist or super specialist. ECG’s can be done in the telemedicine room in the apartment complex and sent to a cardiologist. A stethoscope can be placed over the patient’s chest and the heart sounds and respiratory sounds monitored remotely. The software has an inbuilt Electronic Medical Record, Images and Lab Reports can all be uploaded in a very user-friendly manner. Following a tele-diagnosis, an “”e – Prescription”” will be sent directly to the patients. Arrangements will also be made for home delivery of medicines”” and carrying out laboratory investigations. If further investigations or inpatient management is required, this will also be facilitated.


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