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Apollo Hospitals Orthopedics Team perform an Arthroscopic Brachial Plexus Catheterization

An innovative Orthopedic procedure was performed for the first time in India at Apollo Hospitals Chennai – leading to pain free postoperative recovery after shoulder surgery.

The Orthopaedic team at Apollo Hospital, Chennai successfully performed an Arthroscopic Brachial Plexus Catheterization on a young lady patient.
Dr. C Lenin, Consultant Total Knee Replacement & Arthroscopic Surgeon and his team at Apollo Hospitals Chennai performed this innovative procedure, the first of its kind in India.

The patient, a gynaecologist by profession was suffering from frozen shoulder, diabetes mellitus induced, for over 6 months. She was not relieved of the problem with physiotherapy, painkillers and steroid injections in to her left shoulder. She was suffering from immense and could not even sleep at night.

Speaking alongside the patient, Dr. C. Lenin, Consultant Knee Replacement and Arthroscopic surgeon Apollo Hospitals Chennai said, “”We had performed a Arthroscopic Capsular Release first and then the Arthroscopic Brachial Plexus Exploration and Catheter Placement to control the post operative pain. This is an innovative procedure and was performed for the first time in India.”” He added, “”The patient hence was free of pain completely in the postoperative period as she was getting anesthetic drugs through this catheter. This also helped in mobilizing her shoulder at the earliest in the postoperative period.””

India is considered as the capital of diabetes mellitus. Thousands of patients suffer from pain and stiffness in the shoulder due to diabetes induced frozen shoulder without proper treatment. This procedure has no associated risks; it relieves the pain, and gradually gets back the movements.

Commenting on the innovative orthopaedic procedure, Dr. Sathyabhama, Director Medical Services, Apollo Hospitals Chennai said, “”Apollo Hospital Chennai is at the forefront of the latest in Orthopaedic care. Our teams of highly skilled, vastly experienced orthopedic surgeons perform the latest in orthopedic treatments and surgical techniques. The Arthroscopic Brachial Plexus Catheter is a patient friendly process after any Arthroscopic procedure in the shoulder unlike other conventional techniques used for treatment.””

The right orthopedic care can make a big difference in terms of maintaining or recapturing the quality of life. The teams of specialists in Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic Surgery at Apollo Hospitals perform complex surgical procedures, which include the most current arthroscopic and reconstructive techniques – including major joint replacements, arthroscopies, laminectomies, the most delicate hand surgeries and much more. The most advanced medical equipment, and computer navigation and imaging equipment, with robotically assisted technology, for advanced orthopedic and joint replacement surgery support a team of highly experienced surgeons.

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