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Apollo Hospitals launches new campaign – ‘APOLLO PROTECT’

Aptly titled ‘APOLLO PROTECT’, the campaign will focus on encouraging vaccinations for the adolescent and adult population and it will be driven across the group’s integrated healthcare network of50 hospitals, 1500 pharmacies, 100 clinics, 4 Cradle Hospitals, Day Surgery Centers, Occupational Health Centers, Telemedicine centers and Patient Information Centers across the country.

Speaking about the innovative social initiative, Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group said, “India has witnessed substantial strides in creating basic awareness about the importance of vaccinations, yet a lot more needs to be done to ensure that its benefits reach the remotest parts of the country. I would estimate that at least 2, 50,000 precious lives can be saved through this structured drive on Vaccination Preventive Diseases (VPD) and help avoid both chronic and acute conditions like cervical cancer, pneumococcal, swine flu and cholera.”

Apollo Hospitals has been at the forefront of such interventions and has helped in preventing infection by inducing immunity through the use of vaccination. Commencing on the World Neighborhood Day, the campaign will witness a wider reach with valued support from neighborhood volunteers, corporate, various school and College Clubs, Rotary and RWAs to drive awareness among general public.

“Vaccination in India has primarily been administered to new born babies with parents’ taking ample precaution for their children with timely inoculation. However, a large share of adults and adolescent children are neglected leaving many susceptible to even life-threatening, yet easily preventable maladies. This initiative will help save lives, improve epidemiological surveillance and also offer a reasonably inexpensive and valuable protection against diseases”, says Ms Preetha Reddy, Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Group.

“Soon, dedicated vaccination bays will be set up across all Apollo Hospitals and Apollo Clinics and subsequently, vaccinations will become a part of regular Health Check-up Programs,” she added.

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