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Apollo Hospital’s subsidiary, Sapien Biosciences to Accelerate Genomic Testing Across Apollo Hospitals!

Apollo Hospitals collaborates with the Strand Centre for Genomics and Personalised Medicine through its own Sapien Biosciences to offer cutting-edge clinical genomic tests.

These tests in Oncology, Cardiovascular disorders, Heritable eye diseases and Rare Genetic disorders shall be integrated into the clinical practice by Apollo’s subsidiary, Sapien Biosciences in partnership with Strand Life Sciences. These tests will help doctors diagnose diseases more precisely, identify the optimal treatment as well as monitor disease and treatment course for better outcomes.

Genomics is integral to Apollo’s focus on research and innovations. Genomic testing involves analyses of patient genomes – genes and sequences of DNA/RNA. The analysis helps create better prognostic tools for improved disease screening and prevention strategies. The patient benefits from optimized clinical care, personalization of treatment and monitoring of outcomes. These tests come with comprehensive pre and post-test counselling to help patients and their physicians to integrate the tests results into the clinical care provided.

Commenting on the partnership, Ms. Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals says, “Apollo has always believed that personalized medicine is the future of healthcare delivery. Our Chairman, Dr. P.C Reddy’s foresight of personalized health is becoming a reality today with the availability of such cutting-edge genomic tests. We are pleased that the Sapien team has drawn up a comprehensive plan for the introduction and integration of such diagnostic and genomic tests at Apollo. We are excited about this partnership with Strand Life Sciences. Under Dr. Vijay Chandru, Chairman & CEO, Strand Life Sciences, Strand is now translating their world-class expertise into the clinic through the introduction of these high-end genomic tests which will ultimately help us diagnose and treat patients with more precision and lesser suffering at Apollo.”

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