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100% blocked arteries can be opened with angioplasty!

The workshop provided a forum for discussion on the advanced techniques in Interventional Cardiology that serve as a viable treatment option for Chronic Total Occlusion.

World renowned Japanese Cardiologist Dr. Masahisa Yamane presented specialized techniques at Apollo Hospitals, Ayanambakkam

One third of the patients with blocks in their coronary arteries have at least one artery that is completely blocked. These 100% blocks remain one of the main reasons for referring a patient to undergo a bypass surgery. Performing an angioplasty in these arteries requires a high level of skill and specialized hardware. Unlike the routine angioplasty, these blocks are made up of hardened tissues that are difficult to cross using routine guide wires and balloon catheters. The Japanese have developed highly specialised wires, balloons and catheters that are specifically used for treating these blocks. Since the Japanese believe that their soul would depart if their chest is opened during surgery, most of them avoid bypass surgeries. Hence the technique is highly developed in Japan.

Dr. Yamane, who participated in the International Cardiac Workshop organised by the Apollo Hospitals, Ayanambakkam today, is a pioneer of these procedures and is one of the best doctors in the world in clearing 100% blocked arteries. Over the years, he has demonstrated highly advanced special techniques and skills during live case demonstrations. He has numerous international publications to his credit and is one of the most respected and invited live demonstrators from Japan.

“India has consistently led game-changing developments in healthcare. With the advancement of modern technology, the quality of medical care that India provides and the values that India supports draw a parallel with any other leading country in the West. I hope the techniques discussed in this workshop encourage people in India to consider angioplasty as a viable alternative to surgery. I look forward to participating in similar collaborative efforts organised by Apollo Hospitals”.

I would also like to add here that compassion is vital in healthcare as it has the ability to shape both patient and family experiences. I encourage doctors all over to build a climate of care and compassion at the heart of our health services”, said Dr. Masahisa Yamane, Director of the Cardiovascular division of the Sayama Hospital, Japan.

“A 100% blocked artery does not mean a patient has to undergo a bypass surgery. Most of these blocks can be safely removed by performing an Angioplasty and the long term results are as good or are better than surgery. We are privileged that Dr. Yamane has come here to share his expertise and knowledge on the latest developments in cardiology with us. This will definitely open up new avenues for treatments of patients at Apollo”, said Dr. Anand Gnanaraj, Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist at the Apollo Hospitals, Ayanambakkam.

For patients undergoing these procedures, recovery would be much faster as the chest need not be opened for surgery. One of the cases successfully done during the meeting was a 39 year old man’s with a 100% blocked artery. He was told that his only option was bypass surgery. Today he is free of his disease and is looking forward to a very productive life.

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