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Heart Transplantation Achievements

Heart Transplantation Achievements

  • The Department of Heart and Lung Transplantation, Apollo Hospitals, has performed over 142 organ transplantations in 83 patients (123 assessed). The team has performed 61 Heart transplants, 21 combined heart and lung transplants , 1 combined heart,lung and kidney transplant, 1 combined heart and liver transplant,15 Double lung transplants and 7 single lung transplants with results on par with International standards. We have the foremost donor resuscitation and assessment program in the country that has lead to our outcomes (Long term survival Heart – 89.3% Lungs – 73% (Primary pulmonary hypertension – 80%, Interstitial lung disease – 71%)
  • Achieved the best outcomes in Heart transplant with an 87% long term success rate.
  • Largest number of lungs transplanted in a single unit in India.
  • The oldest male (67 yrs) and female (63 yrs) in India underwent successful Heart transplantation
  • The first ever Bridge to Heart (BTH) transplant (LVAD to Heart transplant) to be performed in India
  • The team has performed the first successful emergency heart transplant in the country.
  • Performed the first OCT in the country (Optical Coherence Tomogram) for assessment of chronic rejection in a patient who was over 4 years post transplant. This technique is just evolving in the west.
  • Performed Single Lung transplant on the oldest person
  • Performed India’s first Double Lung transplant for Hermansky – Pudlak syndrome (2nd in the world)
  • Performed India’s first Heart Lung and Kidney transplant (2nd in the world)
  • Performed the largest ECMO series in the country for acute lung failure.
  • The largest experience with endomyocardial biopsy for transplant surveillance in the country.
  • ISHLT (The International Society for Heart and lung transplant) based in the US has admitted us (as the first unit in India) to participate in their registry. This will not just ensure the international scrutiny and transparency of our program, but will also showcase our outcomes against all International centres.

UPDATED ON 15/11/2023

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