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what are surgical options available scoliosis

What are Surgical Options Available for Scoliosis?

Surgical treatment of scoliosis is employed if the cure at detection is of greater magnitude (> 40). The aim of surgical correction is to achieve a well-balanced spine in which the patient’s head, shoulders and trunk are centered over the pelvis. This is done by using instrumentation to reduce the magnitude of the deformity and obtaining fusion in order to prevent future curve progression. When fusion is done in skeletally immature patients, Crank shafting and flat back syndromes occur producing more severe deformity and these also severely retard growth. A more recent development in the treatment of such patients is the use of staples on the convex side of the curve, which correct and maintain the curve till the patient is skeletally mature. These staples allow differential growth to take place i.e. less growing speed on the stapled side than the conclave side thereby correcting the curve as the child grows. This principle has long been used in the correction of long bone deformity in the skeletally immature.

UPDATED ON 15/11/2023

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