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What is Unique about APHC?

What is Unique about APHC?

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Health screening program to suit the needs of an individual

With the Apollo Personalised Health Check, every individual’s health check plan is tailor made (as each individual’s susceptibility to develop /manifest a disease differs from the other, based on multiple factors like family history, vital parameters, environmental factors etc). You don’t have to go through a battery of tests just because it is included in the set package.

DNA+ genome analysis testing to assess your genetic profile

DNA+ genome analysis test is offered to you with the Apollo Personalised Health Check. We would collect blood /saliva /hair sample for the test. This test will allow us to decode & understand your specific genes that have been implicated in diseases, disorders & metabolism. The report will help us in understanding your risk of developing a particular disease (at present predisposition to 62 disease conditions). It is not a diagnostic test but the report along with your health check will be used by the Physician to guide you in taking proactive measures for disease prevention. It is a once in a life time test. We have collaborated with Datar Genetics , a Nashik based ISO certified company to offer this test to you.

Physical examinations and consultation by experienced Doctors, referral to sub-specialists as necessary

Apollo Personalised Health Check are not just a battery of diagnostic blood tests; the up-front and detailed discussions with our Physicians form an integral part of the check-up. So you will know exactly from the best of our medical experts, how to interpret your test results and the way forward.

Technologically advanced testing equipment and trained technicians for reliable reports

We have always been on the forefront of bringing cutting edge medical technology to India and our labs are equipped with the latest and the most accurate equipment, to ensure accurate results. Our laboratory standards are extremely stringent and many of our labs are NABL accredited as well.

Effective implementation of follow up services

The Apollo Personalised Health Check is only the initial step to manage your health. We have comprehensive services to follow up the health check with advice and guidance on how to lead a healthy and disease free life. Tracking your health and regular communication with you is an integral component of your Apollo Personalised Health Check experience.


UPDATED ON 15/11/2023

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